I’m proud of my battle scars

I have battle scars- they were won during my fight to become a mum. My battle scars used to be unsightly but now I think they are my medals of honour. Badges to be worn with pride. Badges that allow me membership to the most exclusive club in town.
After reading The Lasting Effects of Pregnancy in The Guardian Online, it struck me that there are many things that change when you have a baby and nobody really talks about the physical ones beyond the obvious extra insulation we tend to keep for the winter. So Denise Van Outen has feet one size bigger than she used to. I know women whose wedding rings don’t fit any more and others who will never fit into the same sized bra again. Not to mention the stretch marks and the unmentionables. Crikey, after what happens down there, its no surprise things are going to be a little different.

The interesting thing about this article is that some women experience more unusual side effects to carrying around a human being for nine months:

“…there are many other, less well-documented manifestations. I’ve heard women report both bigger and smaller feet, changed jaw shapes and long-term receding gums. Fiona Ghalustians is a midwife at West Middlesex University Hospital. “You even hear people say that their noses have grown,” she says. “Other women look at their face in the mirror and think it has just changed. You come across these comments all the time and people are convinced they are true.”

Experts believe there is no scientific evidence to support these theories but I like to think they’re true. How can you be the same, physically, after such a massive process such as pregnancy and giving birth? I was back in my jeans fairly quickly this time around but it isn’t always about how soon you can rock a size ten once more. Its more about how you feel inside and I defy any woman to say she feels the same again.

Me, I have two wonky scars on my belly. I have dark circles under my eyes. I’ve lost some hair. I have one stretch mark on my belly, pale and smooth now but there all the same. Oddly, I am smaller than I have ever been and I guess thats a welcome change.

This article strangely warmed my heart. I like to think that our babies make their marks in more ways than one. I like to think of my scars as battle scars.

So, come on ladies. What are your battle scars and are your proud of them?!


7 responses to “I’m proud of my battle scars

  • jaynecrammond

    God, where do I start?! Apart from the actual c-section scars, I have a belly that looks like a relief map of the amazon river, my feet are one size bigger, my already enormous hands are bigger, I now have diabetes, rosacea, wrinkles, bags under my eyes, bald patches, dry hair…..er, anything else?!

    But, I also have Edith, which means that all the rest of it pales into insignificance 🙂

  • JoJo Kirtley

    Right well,
    My boobs are not as pert, I have one strange stretch mark in the corner of my right breast. I have a strange flabby tummy that my son likes to blow rasberries on, I have loads of wrinkles around my eyes, I have one bag under my left eye but not my right (wtf is that all about) I have so many spider veins on my thighs and calves-you just wouldn’t believe. I only had one baby-what will happen with the next?!! x

  • Donna@MummyCentral

    Well speaking of the unmentionables, after I was sewn up following the birth of my first child, I must have looked like a car wreck down there because the hospital made me come back six months later to be cut and sewn up again! I have jelly belly, eczema, lots of extra grey hairs and wrinkles. But my boys Brodie and Blake tell me I’m beautiful and they love me unconditionally (long may it last!) so I don’t mind a bit

  • Rhi @ Wicked Mama

    I love this – and like the above description of a relief map of the amazon, that’s exactly what mine is like and like a wrinkly deflated balloon, lovely! Still not quite come to terms with it, but I’m getting there because I know I should be proud of them, I just never expected to have the wrinkled tummy of a 96 year old lady at 22!!

  • mummy@bodfortea

    Ditto the dark circles and a rather sweet scar actually which is pale but significant. Both my feet are bigger now, so much so that none of my old shoes fit which was very distressing until I realised I could go and buy more! A rather odd thing is that my hair changed colour. It’s definitely a few shades darker now. Just makes the greys stand out more though! 😀

  • janeblackmore

    Jaysus I have a road map on my stomach, an unslightly stretched bit of skin that will never bounce back and a look of shatterness all the time!

    kids tell me i am beautiful tho!

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