Listography- top 5 children’s books


Let me start by saying that this is possibly one of the most difficult Lisotgraphys I have had to write as my entire life has been filled with pages and pages of precious, well-loved books. We are steadily filling our chidldren’s lives with books too and so choosing just five favourites is a really big ask. Instead, I crouched down infront of the big one’s big book case and I picked five at random, since they are all much-read and definitely favourites all the same.

Room on The Broom by Julia Donaldson

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Actually, you could insert any Julia Donaldson/ Axel Scheffler combo in here because they are all fantastic chidlren’s books. I love to read them with voices and animations and the big one has loved reading along, joining in and pedicting the rhymes. Brilliant stuff.

2. Into The Forest by Anthony Browne

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Anthony Browne is an extremely clever children’s writer and his books are so atmospheric. This one has stunning illustrations (as do all of his books) and we play a game of spotting the other fairytales in the pictures. All of Anthony Browne’s books are well loved in this house and not just by the chidlren.

3. The Jolly Postman by Allen and Janet Ahlberg

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Fantastic book. Children just love opening the little envelopes and the big one is always delighted with the ‘paper pennies’ in Goldilock’s birthday card. This book (and the Christmas Jolly Postman) was my little sister’s favourite as a child and she very kindly passed them on to us. Classic children’s book.

4. All Join In by Quentin Blake

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This book has been my bible as an infant teacher. It has rhythm, rhyme, pitch and humour. It teaches turn taking, listening skills and helps with poetry reading and writing. The big one still loves reading this one over and over and we have Nanny to thank for that!

5. We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and Helen Oxenbury

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Those who are familiar with this do not need me to explain. I have devoted an entire week to this book at school. As a parent and a teacher we have been on bear hunts to dark smelly caves and through swishy swashy grass. We have hunted for that bear and we have read this book over and over and over again. We have silly voices, a song and many actions. We know the words by heart. A mark of a truly great children’s book.

8 responses to “Listography- top 5 children’s books

  • Kate Takes 5

    Love the sound of All Join In – will add it to my ‘to get’ list (more lists!). The Snail and the Whale is my favorite JD book – but you’re right – they’re all great. Thanks for joining in. x

  • TheBoyandMe

    A fabulous selection of children’s books, one of those is featured on my list. My mum bought a beautiful pop-up version of “We’re going on a bear hunt” for The Boy for Christmas.

  • Sarah

    awww we used to have “The Jolly Postman” – I ‘d forgot all about that book.

    I love “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” 🙂 Good choices

  • Jenny paulin @ mummy mishaps

    More great choices ! It’s good going through the different let’s as it reminds you of some brilliant reads!

  • Jennie

    I love your list and can’t wait to now go and re-read some old favourites x

  • Him Up North

    Good choices! All these great lists is making me want young kids again. Okay maybe not… 😉

  • mummy@bodfortea

    This is only the fourth Listography post I’ve read so far this week and I’ve already got a list as long as my arm for Amazon to send us! Lovely choices. Going on a Bear Hunt is wonderful and I love Quentin Blake. Into the Forest looks lovely, going to have to get that one! x

  • moonwalkingmum

    We love Going on a Bear Hunt in this house and have spent many a wet afternoon reinacting it through the house! We now have the game which is good fun as well. Only one on your list I havent read is All Join In but I love Quentin Blake so will have to dig it out in the library next time we are there

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