Well, it’s one way to get a bit of sleep…

It’s never a good idea to fling yourself backwards onto the kitchen table, taking the contents of the worktop with you and breaking a chair in the process. Let me tell you, it HURTS. But no matter how awful it is to faint at 5am while the baby is screaming for milk and your body is screaming for rest, at least I sneakily managed to get a little extra sleep in…
Seriously though, tonight I have a seriously large bump on the back of my head and a chair that needs to go to to the tip. I also need some sleep!
I’ve always been prone to fainting and for some reason, the big one is strangely fascinated by it. I once fainted at school in the science lab and landed on a counter full of test-tubes. I came round in the prep room to see my teacher panicking and the lab technician fanning me uselessly with a piece of paper. I also fainted after falling down some stairs at the pub where I was working one summer in Jersey. That time I came round to see a white-faced chef peering down at me. Another time still, I fainted in the kitchen of my first student house and pulled a dishrack full of plates with me. While I was out for the count, I dreamt that I was strapped to a train track and the plates falling actually sounded like a train hurtling towards me.
Looking back, my fainting episodes seem to have occurred when I am tired, stressed or ill. Hmmm. Its amazing how your mind can play such tricks on you and you can pass out for a mere five seconds with it feeling like hours if you dream.
Last night I didn’t dream; I think I am honestly too tired for that.
As a child, I was always having other kids running to me to tell me that my sister had fainted. Actually, she is epileptic and so her fainting was never just that. People seem to get excited by a bit of passing out when actually its not so strange. I guess its just the body’s way of telling you to slow down. My sister’s fits were always worse when she was tired or stressed; I always remember the job at a banana factory she had to give up becasuse the early mornings and long shifts were a terrible trigger.
So in conclusion, I think I need to slow things down. I think I need to listen to my body when it is yelling at me to STOP… So, watch this space. As soon as I finish the ironing, hang out the washing, finish planning literacy lessons for next week and pick up the toys that have been left under my feet…


7 responses to “Well, it’s one way to get a bit of sleep…

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    Seriously, you need to start being very careful. You probably already know that I’m epileptic. My seizures are triggered by stress, flashing lights, sunlight, tiredness, hunger. I need to be sensible and I am currently on 2000mg of Keppra a day. I haven’t been vale to drive since November 2009 and am hoping and praying very hard that I’ll be able to drive again this summer. I learnt my lesson the hard way. Our bodies tell us enough’s enough. I’ll be honest with you without trying to alarm you, if your sister has been diagnosed with epilepsy and you experience fainting episodes, you really need to take this seriously, especially when you’re looking after children and if you drive. My sister is also epileptic as was my late uncle, so we know it’s hereditary.

    If you want to chat any time, just email me. Sorry to be doom and gloom, but I just want you to be careful.

    CJ xx
    P.s. I care.

  • waterbirthplease

    DUDE! Hope you’re getting a bit of TLC and Mr Ghostwriter is doing a few night shifts for you!!! I’ve never fainted so it seems a really big deal to me. Big hugs to you and TAKE IT EASY!!! I’ll come over and wash up for you any time! (Won’t do your ironing though – you’re on your own there!) x

  • sarsm

    I’ve fainted a few times too and my episodes are due to low blood pressure. It also happens to me when I’m particularly tired or hungry. Once on the way home from an extra long shift I fainted getting off the minibus provided to take me home.
    Very embarrassing.

    Like the commentator above though, I think you should let the doctor check you over if epilepsy runs in your family (though perhaps you have already).

    Things that help me are drinking plenty of water, sitting up and staying sat for a few seconds before I get up, carrying glucose tablets in my bag and trying to eat quite often.

    I hope you get a good nights sleep soon!

    Take care!

  • Lorraine Berry

    Come close to fainting numerous times and wish my body would either faint or not, instead of the long pre faint it goes into. My senses shut down one by one, so I go tingly, breathe faster (probably why I go a bit tingly) and my eyesight goes completely, really horrible and lasts ages. However, I know that these are warning signs and I sit down head between legs or lie own feet up until I recover. Mine is all to do with anaemia… most embarrassing time was in the middle of busy Boots…sitting on the floor with my midwives mag with the whole world staring at me. Is definately your body’s way of getting you to slow down, but is easier to say than do sometimes.

  • Mummy Beadzoid

    Oh eek, hope you are ok! You definitely need to slow down if that’s what happens. I’ve fainted twice. A few months back when I had food poisoning and was so week from the puking, and age 9 or 10 in the middle of a choir performance where the lad behind had to catch me. Now THAT was embarrassing. If I’d been more into boys back then I might have appreciated it 😉

    Now the stress seems to go to my eyes – minor stress results in migraines with visual disturbance. I have blurry vision from my current anxiety, stress etc. Once I spent 3 months with double vision. Nice!

    Anyway, I hope that you manage to dial it back a bit. Your health is your number one priority so stop running yourself into the ground! COnsider yourself told! 🙂 xxx

  • TheBoyandMe

    I’ve never fainted in my life, am I missing anything? Have also never had a nose-bleed or high blood pressure. I’m a bit too lethargic for it all I think.

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