Competitive mums and their offspring

Dear Competitive mums,

I know what you’re up to. I know that you think you are slightly better than the rest of us and I also know that you think your pushing and shoving of your children’s lives is going to win you prizes. It won’t. I have an idea. I know you don’t think that I am worthy of such an indulgence, but you seem to have assumed I am not an educated person. I think maybe you aren’t used to being around people who can think for themselves…
Anyway, here is my idea.
Stop priming your children to push in-front of the other, more amiable children at gymnastics, in life and in dreams. Stop instructing your children to look down their noses in the same way that you do. Stop teaching them to judge and to condemn, like you have become accustomed to doing. Stop pushing and shoving your children to do more, more, more- better, better, better. Stop inflicting your own broken, unfulfilled dreams on your chidren and instead, open your ears. Listen to your children. Let them guide you. Let your children decide the path their life is to take before they break free from your route and carve a map that doesn’t include you.

Competitive mums- don’t push, push, push. Let your children be children.
Love from me.
ps if your daughters carry on pushing infront of MY daughter and looking at her as if she isn’t worthy, I will come and poke you in the eye.

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