Reasons to be Cheerful!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart
I haven’t joined in with Michelle’s Reasons to be Cheerful for a couple of weeks. I think I’ve found it really difficult to think of the reasons to be honest, but I have been really busy… Ok, enough excuses. Here are my reasons to be cheerful this week- I couldn’t not join in!

Yes, I needed the capital letters. Yes, it is number one on the list. Only a teacher will understand the joy of half term and with it the briefest of respites from marking, planning, telling children to sit on their bottoms, telling children to stop telling tales… So there is more to my job than that, but it is a really hard job sometimes. When your baby has you up in the night and you don’t have a desk to sit behind til 5pm. I had a job like that and it was boring. My job is never boring now but it is exhausting. So half term is a real reason to be cheerful, to re-charge my batteries and to get ready to start again in a week’s time.

2. We booked our flights to Florida!! We’re really going! All four tickets for just under £3,000!!!! WOO-HOO-DI-HOO!!!

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3. I’m going to see Ben Folds next week! If you’ve read this post you’ll know why he is so important to me. Its also a night out for us that I think we really deserve! So, yay!!



6 responses to “Reasons to be Cheerful!

  • steph curtis

    oooh ooh, tell me, how did you get such a great deal for Disney??!! Not likely we’ll be able to go for a couple of years yet, but I’m planning ahead 🙂
    and yes I get the need for half term, although I am definitely not a teacher (my mum was) – what on earth made you pick that job then??! Hats off to you 😉

  • willest

    As a teacher now a Mum I miss living my life by terms. I know that half term will just be wonderful wel deserved rest for you. Enjoy and be cheerful x

  • Claire

    We’re taking our wee one to Florida this August. He’ll only be a year old but we’re staying in a villa. This holiday was planned long before he came on the scene! I’m really excited as I’ve never been to Florida. That’s a fab price for flights though.

  • mummy@bodfortea

    Wheeee! Good for you my dear, lovely reasons to be cheerful. Ever so jealous of the Disney trip 😀

  • Glenda

    I quite understand the need for half terms. I was a teacher, too. Teaching takes all you have got and you can end up running on empty. Glad you are going to get away for a lovely holiday as well.

  • SAHMlovingit

    Yippee! Fabulous reasons – especially the Florida trip 🙂

    Glad you’re back too…I have joined in the past couple of weeks either.


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