The Gallery- togetherness

This week’s gallery prompt is ‘togetherness’ and I have to say that I was actually awake at 2am thinking about this. The baby had decided to have another ‘middle of the night scream’ you see, and so my mind began to wander… I thought perhaps I would leave it this week and re-join when the prompt was a little more obvious to me. Anyhow, this morning I took the baby shopping for wellies and, as I always do, found myself looking through the bargain rails- full of winter stuff being sold off cheap in anticipation for summer. I usually look at out of season stuff with my sister in mind as she lives in Oz and so our seasons are opposite. Then it struck me! You know how your mind goes off on its own… the last time my sisters and I were together was the summer where my elder sister and I were both pregnant, at her wedding. She and her husband got married over here. Her husband serves in the Australian army and was posted to the UK and so he came over with my sister and her daughter. This photo was taken when I was five months pregnant and my sister (the bride) was almost seven. The other two sisters complete the theme- all together for the first time in almost five years. Who knows when we will be together like this again?



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