I’ve joined the Fussy eaters support Club!

The lovely Bodfortea has started up a Fussy Eaters support Club for those of us with children who just don’t/ won’t/ can’t eat!! Hooray!! Some support perhaps? After I posted Help! My Children Won’t Eat I received so much advice and so many tips that I was overwhelmed at three things:
1. I am NOT alone in the hell that is battleground-mealtimes
2. There are loads of tricks I can still shove up my sleeves
3. There are so many supportive bloggers out there willing to share their stories and advice.
Fussy Eaters Support Club
So, The Fussy Eaters Club is magical. We link up once a month with a post detailing our woes or our triumphs (positive thinking) and we can support each other too!
I would just like to add that we have been offering the baby more different foods at mealtimes and he seems to be gaining an interest more and more. Peas seem to lure him in and this week he has tasted spaghetti bolognaise and tomato pasta- a HUGE achievment!!
Have a look over at Bodfortea’s blog and please comment on the posts if you think you can help!


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