Top Ten Tuesday- clothes I like to wear

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is inspired and I promised Katie I would join in, with photos. I’ve been avoiding cameras of late (I don’t get much sleep) but i’ve done my best. Some of the pictures were taken a while ago but none the less, they show you my favourite clothes. To me, clothes are memory triggers and I can name almost any outing or special day in our history just by recalling what I or someone else was wearing. My husband thinks I’m odd but thats the way I am. I have many boxes of baby/ toddler clothes in the loft that I cannot be parted from simply because they hold such special memories for me. So, anyway, here is my list, in no particular order. Don’t forget to check out the rest over at Sluiter Nation!

1. Rings.
My favourite ring from Octopus in Manchester. Tatto courtesy of the big one.
I LOVE rings. Big, plastic, shiny, glittering, ridiculous, bright, funky, filled with beads, filled with magic liquid, made from blown glass, made from a toy car (I kid you not, Camden Market’s finest), made from felt, made from beads (I have a beaded one I got from Malta when I was seven), made from buttons- you name it, I got it. My favourite ring is actually my engagement ring, a relatively modest piece. It has three simple diamonds, two tear shaped either side of a round one. Its old; it belonged to my Step-dad’s auntie and she was engaged in 1921, I think. Its beautiful.

2. Cardigans

My favourite cardi- looks better on but you get the idea!

I LOVE cardigans. I buy them constantly. With hoods, long, short, boleros, thick wool, thin, floaty fabrics. My favourite is a short turquoise cardigan with three quarter length arms and glitter woven in. It has odd buttons and goes with anything, seriously. I love that cardigan!!

3. Leg warmers


Ok, so before you accuse me of going all 80s and wrong, hear me out. My husband used to work in London once a month or so and would bring presents home for me and the big one. She would ALWAYS get a Maisy mouse DVD and I would get… well, odd things. One such odd present was a pair of legwarmers from American Apparel. I was baffled. I wasn’t a gymnast, I wasn’t living in the 80s and I wasn’t really a legwarmer type of gal. But I was prone to feeling cold and so I wore them. And wow! I love them! I love to wear tights/ leggings with legwarmers! They have to be American Apparel though, nothing else will do. Oh, apart from the pair I am currently knitting. They’ll be finished in about ten years time!

4. Dresses

My favourite dress- ignore the coat, its cold in London!

I love to wear dresses. Mainly short/ mid length- with a cardi of course, and also with legwarmers, unless it is a smart dress. My favourite high-street shop for dresses at the moment is Zara and I LOVE rooting through Camden Market for original dresses. This is may favourite dress of all time, goes lovely with my turquoise cardi and legwarmers!

5. Comfy socks


In the winter, I have to wear comfy, thick socks. I love them. My mother in law buys them for me every year, its tradition now for some reason!

6. Jeans


It had to be there. I really struggle to find jeans that fit as they are often too big around the waist and annoy me. My favourite are my boyfriend jeans which are so comfy and properly worn in. Hell, I’ll even put some legwarmers under them, why not?!

7. Hoodies


I am not a typical hoodie, I’ll have you know. But I love a good, comfy hoodie. I love to hide inside them when its cold and I think they’re great for fat days. Enough said. This pink one is one of my favourites. My husband bought me a bright red one for my birthday (can’t find a pciture though) and I’ve literally worn it almost every day since then!

8. My baby

My favourite accessory

I was bought a Babasling whilst pregnant and I have to say, it was the best gift I had. Luka was so refluxy and the sling was perfect (if covered in sick most of the time) for easing his symptoms. He would sleep in it quite a lot and I still pop him in for the school run. Its lovely having him close and so convenient. AND I think he looks really cute in it.

9. Skirts


I love a good skirt, mostly with boots, shoe-boots (coming up next) and flats. One of my favourites is a really funky deconstructed skirt I got from Pop Boutique in Manchester. I don’t have a picture of it unfortunately, but its lovely. I find skirts suit me a lot better than pants…

10. Boots/ shoe boots

Look at them. Aren't they gorgeous?

I LOVE shoe-boots. I have loads of them and I don’t care if they’re not cool anymore. I think shoe boots look so much better than just shoes, for some reason. I also love boots and I’ve worn my Uggs so much that all the grip has gone on the bottom- hence my fall in the ice at the start of December (which still hurts to sit on!) but I can’t bare to be parted from them. My latest pair of gorgeous boots were from Moda in Pelle, in the sale!!


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