Abortion laws will remain unchanged

Recently, I posted about the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) and their bid to challenge existing laws which state that women cannot take a pill at home after deciding to terminate their pregnancy. You can read that post here.
Now, it seems that the High Court has decided that the laws will remain unchanged and that women will continue to be required to attend a clinic for monitoring whilst undergoing this simple procedure. An excellent course of treatment for those with health issues, inadequate care and limited resources to provide for themselves. Not quite to great for the women who end up traumatised by the lack of counselling, sterile environment and unnecessary foreign surroundings. Not quite so great for a large number of women who ARE able to look after themselves and who are able to avoid a lot of painful extra appointments to clinics.
In this article from the BBC, BPAS expresses concern over the fact that women have been revoked the power to choose when and where they take their pills. It also speaks of the service’s views that there is a possibility that women could suffer bleeding etc on their way home from the clinic; taking the pills at home would eliminate the risk of this happening when they are alone. If a woman is able to make an informed choice about her treatment and it is believed that she will be cared for at home, by loved ones, then any such outcome would be dealt with promptly- surely?

Image source: BBC news

The High Court’s ruling seems to assume that only young women with a lack of maturity or self-awareness will ever find themselves in the position of having to terminate a pregnancy. It seems to assume that all women in this position cannot be trusted to take their pills at home. It also seems to assume that unnecessary trips to clinics is no big deal at all.
On the other side of the argument, there are places, such as Northern Ireland, where abortion is still illegal. At least women in this country are allowed to make a decision about their own bodies and that decision must be respected. Its not an easy decision to make, for any woman, and it isn’t just restricted to undeducated young women.
I still believe that each and every case should be assessed on its own merits and that women should ultimately be given the right to decide on the circumstances of their treatment. I hope that the Health Secretary does decide to amend the law, but until then I guess English women should be thankful that they have at least some element of choice when it comes to their own bodies.


3 responses to “Abortion laws will remain unchanged

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    Women should indeed be given the right to choose. It’s the same old situation; these rulings will have been made by men. Men who forget that they have a mother who is actually a woman.

    CJ xx

  • SAHMlovingit

    Definitely agree that women should be allowed a choice.

    I was unfortunate enough to have to accompany a friend of mine to a clinic in Manchester to take these pills about 7 years ago. I was coming up to 30 years of age and it was a horrific experience. She was given some water and the pills and told to go out to the communal area. She took them, she felt awful, she ended up really being quite sick so I was sat there rubbing her back whilst she vomited in a bucket. All the while this was in a communal area. Yes they had filled with with comfy sofas with throws on them but we were sat there surrounded by other girls and women doing the same thing. Some of them crying, some of them alone. It was terrifying. I think she would have been much better off at home…I know I would have.

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