Listography- top 5 movies

I missed last week’s listography so this week I am on it and fast! Top five movies, here we go…

1. Goodfellas
And so began my love for Robery De Niro. I love this film and I kind of want to be one of those women with fur coats and diamonds obtained through ill gotten gains. Sigh.


2. The Devil and Daniel Johnston
I blogged about Daniel Johnston on Music I Want My Children To Listen To and I truly believe that all msuic fans should watch this film. He is an amazing man and hs story is compelling.

Image source: Amazon

3. The Fugitive


Harrison Ford actually jumps into a dam!! Unbelievable! Brilliant film. I need say no more.

4. Them
I can’t really watch horror films so much anymore, not since Paranormal Activity. Them is a stunning french film and its eery atmosphere and terrifying plot is unmissable. Believe me. You have to watch it because I don’t know if I ever will again.


5. The Machinist
Christian Bale is fabulous as a crazed insomniac and since the baby was born, I kinda get it. Sleep deprivation is something, you know…


Katetakes5 hosts the fab Listography every week. Take a look and join in!


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