Music I Want My Children to Listen to- The Shins


Last week, I took a short break from Music I Want My Children to Listen To, but this week its back and the band I have chosen is much loved in my house. The Shins.


I was pregnant with the big one when I first heard this band and I became addicted to their quirky tunes and lyrics. Their music instantly lifts my spirits and I HAVE to sing along. I’m reminded of power walking with the pram, listening to Chutes Too Narrow and singing along under my breath (didn’t want jogging man to think I was weird). I’m reminded of my first driving lesson and how windy it was. I’m reminded of a drive to Formby point when the big one was only two and she refused to go to the toilet behind a sand-dune. We saw red squirrels that day.
The Shins are an amazing band- I defy you not to like them. We’ve been lucky enough to see them live and they are even more amazing in the flesh. James Mercer has also formed Broken Bells, who are also fantastic and very reminiscent of The Shins.
As I’ve said before, music has an enormous power in that it can take you back to times in your life, iin much the same way as a scent will, or a tatty old gig ticket can. I remember the smell of the city on the night we saw The Shins. I remember what clothes I was wearing when I first listened to them. I remember the feeling of the ground under my feet as I danced to their music. I still feel happy when I listen to them.
This is music my children have already listened to, but when they are older I want them to REALLY listen. I want them to know that this music made me happy. I want them to make their own memories to this music.
Sub Pop’s page for The Shins puts it perfectly and so here is a quote…

“To play music for a long time, you have to surprise the people that love you – while also surprising yourself… So have a listen. And consider yourself surprised.”

That’s your challenge. Go and listen to The Shins.

So, you know what to do. Tell me about the music you want YOUR children to listen to. Link it up and have a read of the other entries. Enjoy!

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