Kids are all-singing!

Ever since I became a mum, I’ve been overwhelmed by the power of music and, particularly for young children, singing. I started Music I Want My Children To Listen To after realising how much the baby loves to listen to music. Since he was tiny, music has soothed him and now he is bigger, he dances to music and the delight is more than evident on his face. The big one was always the same. She often listens to music on her mp3 player and has a very eclectic taste I must say. As a parent, I know the power of music and this week I am delighted to report that the baby has learnt ‘row your boat’ with actions and a definite ‘r’ sound to go with it. So, what do you think of that?
As a teacher, I know the power of music and singing too, so this article from the BBC came as no real surprise. A study has been done on 10,000 children and it seems that The Sing Up scheme has had profound positive effects on the well-being and happiness of those children. The report suggests that singing “can help children to grow in confidence and create stronger communities” and that “A clear inference may be drawn that children with experience of Sing Up are more likely to be advanced in their singing development and to have a positive self-concept”. See?

Singing is a powerful tool for parents and teachers. It has the ability to teach new words, new ways to move the mouth and new actions. It teaches self-control, promotes brain development and stimulation and aids co-ordination and fine motor skills. Singing is essential for developing communication skills such as speaking and listening, turn taking and repetition. Singing is vital for learning rhythm, pulse, beat and timing. Singing with actions helps with all of this too and best of all, it makes kids happy! I’ve often stopped a lesson for a quick rendition of Head, Shoulders Knees and Toes- guaranteed to bring the children back to focus. You know yourself that when your baby cries, you tend to sing to them to calm them, to make them laugh or to distract them. I have loads of silly songs that were created for my kids ( Hello Monkey Moo, Who’s the best girl in the world, Pooker Face, Goggly Boggly eyes…) Older kids are no different.
So the article from the BBC put a smile on my face today. Quickly followed by a dismayed frown as I read on to discover that funding was not guaranteed for The Sing Up scheme. After all, why waste money on something that brings so much to children AND makes them happy? I guess as parents we need to make sure that we do all that we can to encourage our children to enjoy music. Sing to your babies! Its that simple.

Article: BBC
Image source: BBC


7 responses to “Kids are all-singing!

  • Mummy Beadzoid

    I concur wholeheartedly!

    I try to avoid being political in non-political arenas, but I do have to marvel at the Government’s budget cutting in relation to things like this – like Surestart, libraries, the arts, sport – in other words anything that makes people happy. And this Government wants to do a countrywide survey to assess us on a happiness index? Why? To assure themselves that we are indeed as miserable and downtrodden as they want us to be?

    *steps down off toybox-come-soapbox* 🙂

  • waterbirthplease

    Couldn’t agree more! With your post and the previous comment! (although my husbands improvised songs are perhaps the exception to the rule!!) x

  • tiddlyompompom

    I agree totally! I am a music teacher and singing is a massive part of what I do (I work with SEN children). Singing brings them together, they can ALL achieve and it is a lot of fun (mostly). It makes me so sad that children will miss out on this because someone in an office far far away has decided it is not important.

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  • lotusflowerlily

    My Sons infant school has just won the platinum sing up award (the very first and only infants school to do so in our county! #proudboast

    Singing has transformed my son into a bubbly, hardworking child that has formed some very strong friendships. A very different child to the one he was in year R! his life plan is to work like his dad does during the week, then sing in a choir at the weekends! lol. (although this may change when he discovers beer and girls!)

    I will be very sad if funding for sing up is pulled! i think it needs to be promoted more! Singing has an incredible power to boost anyones mood!

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