Jamie at Home- a review and a prayer (and a giveaway!)

Ok, so my kids don’t eat. We established that. I posted last week, in despair (Help! My Children Won’t Eat) and as a result, SO MANY lovely readers offered me ideas, tips and advice- thank you! Then I posted yesterday about a wonderful opportunity I’d been given by The Sun Buzz Magazine, to review the entire DVD series of Jamie at Home. We all know Jamie Oliver- cheeky chappy with a penchant for sorting out unhealthy kids and stressed out dinnerladies. Surely the king of cooking can get my kids interested in food?

Well, sort of. Last night I announced to the big one that we were to watch said DVDs and “find something we all want for dinner”. Now, my daughter is obsessed with which animals meat comes from (and I thought, naiively, that she already knew…) and the fact that people actual kill bunny rabbits! Episode one shows Jamie hunting his own game, you see. We skipped that one.
The Jamie at Home Series is clever. Very clever, for it has inspired me. The unique thing about it is that he grows his own fruit and veg and then uses them in his cooking. Clever, eh? THAT is what has inspired me.
I used to love gardening. When the big one was little, I became a little obsessed and managed to turn our little concrete yard into a beautiful haven of fresh food goodness. I forced my husband to rip up the paving slabs so that we could have a lawn the size of a postage stamp. I erected a plastic greendhouse and I planted tomatoes, chill peppers, aubergines, runner beans, courgetttes, edible flowers… It was lovely. We ate like kings. Sadly, I never managed to repeat the success of that first season and when we moved house, I got rid of the greenhouse. BUT Jamie Oliver has inspired me to dust off my gloves and my hot pink gardener’s kneeler. I am going to grow my own and use them in my cooking, just like him! I am also going to get the kids involved, help them see where the food on their plates came from. Just like Jamie!
If you would like to be inspired by Jamie, you can collect the tokens from The Sun Buzz Magazine and The Sun Newspaper and redeem them at Tesco. OR…
You could win the entire series here and have them all by Friday!! All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and then re-tweet it so that I know you’ve been. The winner will be chosen at random 9am Wednesday 9th Feb and the DVDs will be with you by Friday 11th.
*UK residents only
** DVDs as per The Sun offer, in cardboard sleeves, 6 in total
*** These are my opinions, nobody else’s! I have received no payment for this review.


The beautiful garden


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