Can Jamie get my kids to eat?

If you read my post, Help! My Children Won’t Eat, earlier this week then you’ll know about the battles we have at mealtimes. I have actually been slightly overwhelmed by the amount of thoughtful advice, tips and and comiserations I received. So many of you have also been through the dreaded mealtime battles and despite our best efforts, our children still don’t eat!
Both of my children were breast-fed and neither were given jars or packet foods when weaning. I never saw the point when I was coooking healthy meals for myself. Family mealtimes have always been an important part of our day and we have always sat down together to eat. Despite all of the above, my children are incredibly fussy eaters! I decided that I would heed the advice of another mum who suggested that i ‘just keep trying new things’. So…
I was delighted to be given the chance to review the new Jamie at Home DVD series for The Sun Buzz Magazine. Maybe Jamie can offer me some inspiration and get my kids eating?

Image source: The Sun Buzz Magazine

The DVDs are being given away with the paper all next week and the first token can be found in today’s copy of the Buzz Magazine. BUT, lucky readers, I have an entire set of the DVDs to give away! If you win, you will not need to collect the tokens, I will send you the entire series over six DVDs! All you have to do is to leave a comment on my review post (appearing tomorrow, 6th February) and re-tweet so that I know you have been. Easy! The idea is that I will then have a partner to try out recipes and (I hope) swap success stories…

So what do you think? Can Jamie get my kids eating? Will his recipes cut the mustard? Will he make mealtimes a piece of cake? Will I ever stop these awful puns? Ha ha! Keep your eyes peeled for my reviews to find out. In the meantime, maybe we can chew the fat on our favourite Jamie recipes… ok, I really will stop now…

The Sun promotion will be running from today, 5th February, until the 11th February. You can collect tokens from the Buzz Magazine today and then from the paper for the rest of the week. The tokens are instantly redeemable in Tesco, on the day of print.
For those entering the giveaway, the closing date on my blog is Wednesday 9th February at 9am. The lucky winner will receive their DVDs by the 11th.
* UK residents only
**there are six DVDs, each containing two episodes and each in cardboard sleeves, as per The Sun promotion.
*** The Sun Buzz Magazine has sent me a copy of the Jamie at Home DVD series for the purpose of this review and giveaway- I did not receive any other payment.


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