Top Ten Tuesday- causes

Ok, so I know its not Tuesday anymore and that makes me late for yet another thing I wanted to do this week, but thats the way it goes. I’ve been ill and so I’m behind. BUT…
There was no way I couldn’t take part in Top Ten Tuesday this week. Katie at Sluiter Nation has posted her top ten causes- charities and organisations that she feels are important enough to donate money or time to. Have a look at her post today; she even has a clever donate button over there if you want to donate.
So,here are my top ten causes.


image source: NSPCC

A charity close to my heart for so many reasons, the obvious being that there are so many chidlren in the UK who are abused, neglected and mistreated. The obvious also being that I am a parent and I know that painful yet joyous feeling of loving a child so much that you cannot imagine how anyone could ever harm them. But they do. So the NSPCC gets my money every time for the work they do in helping to protect children and young people. Like they say, cruelty to children must stop. You can donate through their website and if you think a child is being mistreated you can call 0808 800 5000

2. Cancer Research UK

Image source: Cancer Research UK

A charity that is close to many people’s hearts. I have lost a cousin and two grandparents to cancer. I know people close to me who have had near misses; I know people close to me who have been caught full on. I know that you know someone who has been affected by cancer. Thats why this one is here on my list- Cancer Research UK do some amazing work in the bid to fight Cancer and provide incentives to raise money for those suffering. I don’t think I need to say anymore. Please visit their website and see if there is anything you can do to help.

3. Save The Children

Image source: Save the Children

For reasons already explained, Save the Children is another top cause for me. Children all around the world are suffering through war, abuse, poverty and natural disasters. This charity is a no-brainer really and one that also always gets my money. What were you born to do? Visit their website and donate if you can spare a few pence.

4. Amnesty International

Image source: Amnesty International

My husband donates money to this one. Amnesty International work hard for basic human rights all over the world.If you visit their wbsite you’ll see that two Amnesty International human rights observers have been detained in Egypt. You’ll see that the charity is campaigning for the rights of Roma families in France who have been evicted from their homes and forced to live in camps without running water or any of the basics that we often take for granted. Visit their website and read more about what they do.

5. The Birth Trauma Association

Image source: Birth Trauma Association

People who have read my blog before will have been expecting this one. Too few people know about the work being done to raise awareness of birth trauma. Too few people know about the support they can provide to families who have suffered birth trauma. There is still too much ignorance surrounding the whole issue of birth trauma- from inadequate maternity care to lack of understanding by the medical professionals. Many women are incorrectly diagnosed with Post Natal Depression following birth trauma and are not counselled correctly. Many women are dismissed if their baby was born healthy; these women are told to be grateful that their baby is ok and to forget their birth experience. The Birth Trauma Association exsists to suppport families and to provide guidance, counselling and a shoulder to cry on. They are severely under-funded and in need of help. Visit their website to see if you can help.

Image source: SANDS

An important charity that provides support to those affected by the death of a baby. For those who have lived through every parent’s biggest fear. The charity works to find answers to questions that haunt those affected for the rest of their lives. I can’t put into words my feelings about this charity. Please, please visit their website– you could help their mission.


Image source: FSID

Again, a charity dedicated towards finding answers for those affected by Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The charity also offers crucial advice for parents to ensure they are following recommended sleeping guidelines. Their website has loads of information on the work they do.

8. The National Autistic Society

Image source: National Autistic Society

As a teaching assistant, I worked closely with three children on different levels of the spectrum. As a teacher, I have worked with many more. As a friend, I have watched a couple go through the confusion, diagnosis and fight for acceptance that is necessary to have their child integrated into society. As a blogger, I have read posts from parents of children on the spectrum and I have nothing but the greatest admiration for them. Their parenting journey is a little different to my own at times, but the essential elements are same. We all want our children to be happy and to be accepted with their peers. The National Autistic Society works hard to provide information, support, and services. They also “campaign for a better world for those with autism” and that can only make it a better world for us all. Please visit their website to find out more.


Image source: UNICEF

Again, what more can I say? UNICEF work hard to protect children and their rights all over the world. Please take a look at their website and see what they’re all about.

10. NCT

Image source: NCT

This is one that gets both my time and my money. A charity dedicated towards educating, guiding and supporting parents in the UK. I took the plunge after my son was born and I went to an NCT baby group. I made so many friends that I truly believe this charity went beyond its duties for me. With the help of this charity, I had a shoulder to cry on, a place to go to share my concerns and to gain advice. Later on, I was able to provide the same support for other new mums joining the group. I’ve taken part in coffee mornings, meet ups, nearly new sales and writing for the local newsletter. Sadly, due to lack of funds, my baby group is no longer running. Please visit their website and see if the group in your area can help you.


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