The Gallery- (changing) shape

This week Tara at Sticky Fingers has challenged us to post on the theme of shape. After much deiberation, I decided to go with the changing shape of my own body, thanks to my delightful son.

16 weeks

This picture was taken at 16 weeks pregnant, when I decided that I would start a photo diary to remember my bump by. At the time, it felt as though I would never forget what it feels like to be pregnant- the nausea, the exhasution, the headaches, the stretchig of muscles, the ‘fat’ feelings… wow. I DID forget and I’m so glad that I took these pictures. When this picture was taken I felt massive. As you can see by the next picture, this bump was nothing compared to what was coming!

35 weeks

At 35 weeks I WAS massive! I went to to just over 41 weeks before my son appeared. What I love about these pictures though is that they all tell a story- the amazing story of my son’s growth; how pregnancy changes your body forever and how easy it is to forget what you once looked like. When the bump has gone, your body is never quite the same and my tummy will never be flat again.
So this is part of my changing shape photo diary. Some weeks there is little change on the outside, but inside a miracle was growing.


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