Listography- 5 most annoying kids TV shows


I always like to take a ‘virginal’ approach to the Listography each week- which means that I don’t read any of the other entries until I have written my own, lest I be swayed in one direction or the other. So this week is all about the 5 most annoying kids shows on TV. Well, I decided to go a little old sckool on it this week. Here is my list of the most annoying TV shows when I was a kid:

1. Blue Peter.

This was the show that parents and teachers wanted you to watch and was actualyl full of self-righteous presenters and boring craft projects. I don’t know if it is still going today and if it is any better. I have boycotted this show for many years as it just annoys me!

2. Why Don’t You- in particular, Mallet’s Mallet

Well, just look at him for a start! He was everything that was wrong with the show and the 80s in fact. He talked too much, too fast and tried to be too ‘wacky’. Grrr.
3. The Sooty Show

But mainly Sweep. That voice! The tantrums! The awkward, disobedient nature! It was like watching nails down a chalkboard for me. I don’t like puppets in general, I have to say. When they sound like this, I loathe them instensely and have always hated this show.

4. Scooby Doo

Again, its one character in particular. Scrappy Doo. What a pompous, arrogant and smug little dog he is. I actually like Scooby Doo but I had to add this one to the list as this little dog is just so annoying.
5. Fun House

What a ridiculous show! Wonky floors, gunge and the king of mullets. ANNOYING!

That was terribly therapeutic, you know. Why don’t you add your top 5 annoying kids TV shows?


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