What a Smartipants!

I was asked by Smartipants to write a review of their one size re-usable nappies and I agreed, but with a little bit of trepidation. My son, for those who aren’t aware, has ‘digestive issues’. We don’t know what they are yet- he’s had tests and we’ll get the results in March (!)- but we DO know that whatever is going on in that little tummy of his, it isn’t good. It means that he has had very runny poos from the day he was born and the term ‘quacking nappy’ is currently the most commonly-used phrase in this house, alongside ‘naughty poo’ and ‘goodness that’s a really bad one’.
So, using a real nappy this time around was not something I considered as an option, to be honest. But I WANTED to. So, I agreed to test out the Smartipants nappy and this is what happened.

The boy with the explosive bottom...

We washed the nappy prior to use, as per instructions. No big deal, the washing machine is constantly on in this house anyway. We decided to play it relatively safe and sent the baby to bed in the Smartipants nappy, rather than let him loose during the day with his loose stools. We’ve had leaky nappies in the past and I have to admit that I gave his rear end a few second glances before he was tucked into his pyjamas. He *appeared* to be padded well and safe to go…
So the nappy held its own. Now for the part I wasn’t really looking forward to- washing. I guess the design of the Smartipants nappy really is fairly smart as I was informed that I didn’t need to remove the insert to wash it. Easy-peasy- quick rinse and into the machine. The nappy dries really quickly too and so he was back in it that same night.
Ok, so I needed to test the nappy during the day. It passed the test at night, so far so good. But how would I deal with a leaky, runny poo that my son is so famous for? Hmmm…

one size fits all!

I have to be honest that I was expecting a bit of leakage when it happened. The Smartipants nappy did not leak. BUT I did have to clean out a whole load of poo that I normally pop delicately into a fragranced nappy bag. I did spend a little extra time rinsing, soaking and then washing the nappy but you know what? The way my son’s nappies explode, this was nothing new really. I regularly have clothes to rinse, soak and wash and this time it WAS just a nappy. I am pleased to report there was NO poo on his vest- hooray! I should also point out that there is actually no need to do rinse and soak etc, I think I am just so used to doing it- doh!

To conclude, the Smartipants nappy fitted my son well and the unique poppers mean that it will fit him for a while. It didn’t leak** and it kept an explosive poo well contained. It DID mean a little extra washing when I plucked up the courage to let him wear it during the day, but I’m of the view that its small price to pay in the fight to preserve the world’s resources for our children’s children. I would use this nappy again- in fact, I am using this nappy again. Its comfortable, its absorbent and guess what? My son looks super cute wearing it!

Super cute cloth-bottomed boy!

I am happy to announce that there is a Smart Start 3 pack of nappies in the colour of your choice to be given away! All you need to do is leave a comment on this post with your email address. This will be forwarded to fillyourpants.com and a winner will be selected on Friday. So what are you waiting for? Leave me a comment and cross your fingers! Winner will be announced Friday at 8pm!

**The Smartipants nappy needs to be washed a few times before you use it, to increase the absorbency. I didn’t read that piece of advice and so the first night did see a little leak. BUT, once I did read the information and washed the nappy, the above results were achieved.

Smartipants sent me a nappy free of charge in exchange for my review. I did not receive any payment and all of these views are my own.

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