Music I Want My Children to Listen to- th3 m1ss1ng and Sonic Youth


This week I was supposed to be featuring a guest post for Music I Want My Children To Listen To, but he’s had to postpone until next week. Something about having kids to look after, a full time job and being a perfectionsist… Anyway, in his honour (my husband, by the way) I am dedicating this week to his musical tastes rather than mine. Most of the msuic I love has been introduced to me by him and usually he gets it right on the money. However, there are some things he *makes* me listen to that make me want to tear my eyeballs from their sockets and use them as ping-pong balls. He certainly won’t like that reference but I found it apt. So this week’s post is about two bands that I don’t necessarily list as my favourites, but they are two bands that are very important to my husband and as they are his children too, I guess that makes them music I Want My Children to Listen To. I have to state though, that they won’t be listening for a long time…

Sonic Youth

I’ve been told countless times that I NEED to listen to this band and he even went as far as to buy gig tickets to see them in December. He ended up going with Minty (waterbirthplease)’s husband and they came home buzzing and with identical t-shirts. I gave up my ticket for a few reasons: my husband loves this band and has been waiting for almost twenty years to see them live once more; the person he went with in the end was just as excited as him at the prospect and therefore he was bound to have a better night with him; they just don’t do it for me, musically. BUT they are here because they are important to my husband and so my children should give them a go one day. Maybe next week he might explain better than me why they are so awesome…
th3 m1ss1ng.

th3 m1ss1ng is a little difficult for me to explain. My husband forms one third of it and the other two members are located in different parts of the country. They meet up sporadically, drink beer and visit dodgy looking buildings in the dark, to take photos. Their music has featured films made by my husband’s uncle, Andy Remic and it is a very important project in this house. I may not listen to the music by choice (he knows this!) but I do appreciate it for the long hours, dedication, commitment and creativity that goes into it. I also appreciate it for its concept. I think that is the right way to put it. It isn’t just music, there is a story to it (you will have to discover that for yourselves) and thats what makes it special. That’s what makes it something I want- eventually- my children to listen to. At the moment, it is too dark and too scary and besides, daddy shouts a lot in most of the songs and that will just mess with their heads. All the artwork for the band is done by a very good friend of mine, they are on facebook, twitter and myspace. My husband has written a bio for the band on their website and has given me permission to copy and paste it here for the purposes of this post:

..th3 m1ss1ng is an art project consisting of both music and film. We have been collaborating on various works since January 2008 and have released music with accompanying video footage. There is no description of the music in this blurb.

…there are three core members, but the project involves collaborations from many others including writers, artists and filmmakers. th3 m1ss1ng also collaborate with other artists as long as they involve the same ethics and politics. We have been credited with music on one film to date with others in the pipeline.

…each of the core members live in different areas of the UK and all of the work is either done in isolation, or collaboratively via the internet. The group rarely meet and do not write music nor film together in the same location.

…th3 m1ss1ng use a laptop, a microphone, a video camera and associated software. No instruments were harmed in the making of this project.

What music do you want your children to listen to? Come and link up and tell me all about it.

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