Reasons to be cheerful week 4

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

This is a hard one this week as I am sat here feeling anything but cheerful after a really difficult day at work next to no sleep this week. But I love the spirit of this linky and its intentions and so I am going to join in. If you have reasons to be cheerful this week then join in and cheer me up!!

1. I have lovely friends. I have a friend who has just been through the most difficult year of her life; a year that I cannot and will not even start to imagine going through myself. Some of you will already know Minty at waterbirthplease and will know what I mean. This is, I suppose, a round-about way of telling her that she is a fab person. I hope she already knows that I think this but just incase, I will link her in to this post. Despite everything that has been thrown at her this year, Minty has spent many a coffee listening to me and my ‘woes’ and has always had sound advice for me. She was the one who listened when I told her I couldn’t sleep and the doctor was inisiting I had PND. It just didn’t sit right and I needed an honest opinion. I got it. She has an amazing blog and I am so glad she is writing it! So, yeah. Go and read her blog and tell her i sent you.

2. I have amazing children. I’ve been thinking about the way that they came into the world just lately. More and more I keep wishing I could change the past. Not to make their births different as I believe that everything happens for a reason. I think that the way we got them is part of the reason why we love them so much- we have seen what it might have been like to not have them. I think it’s made us hold them that little bit tighter.

3. I remembered to turn the slow cooker on this morning! If you saw my post about the perfect parent, you will know that I am more akin to the mum who forgets to do this and so this is a real reason to be cheerful today!!!

I hope that you will head over to Michelle’s blog and join in with her reasons to be cheerful- I want to be cheered up please!


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