Not so perfect after all, Little Miss Perfect…

Well. Thanks to Flying Start Magazine for linking up this article about perfect mothers. At last! Now I know the truth about that smug-faced, perfect nails/ hair/ clothes mum I see every morning on the school run. You may look as though you have it all under control but now I know that actually, you DO have cupboards bursting full of junk so that your house looks tidy. You DO shove stuff under your bed and on top of your wardrobe because it takes less time and you will get to it later. You DO use baby wipes to clean last minute baby sick from your clothes. And you probably get up earlier than necessary to do your hair and make-up…

So perfect mothers aren’t actually perfect then. But I don’t think I acutally know any mothers who want to be. And what IS a perfect mother, anyway? I used to think a perfect mother was this:

This mum gets up early, puts on the clothes she left out the night before and rushes downstairs to prepare a hearty cooked breakfast. She feeds the baby, feeds the children, feeds the husband. She cleans and dresses the baby, cleans and dresses the children and helps her husband to pick out a tie. She pops the baby into the pram and walks the children to school (no dirty car for this mum, she likes the fresh air and exercise). She spends the rest of the day preparing the house for the return of the children, whilst also stimulating the baby with age appropriate activities. The children return for some finger painting and to decorate some buns she baked whilst the baby napped. Blah, blah blah.
I now think that this is the perfect mum:

This mum gets up when the bbay wakes her, puts on the first item of clothing she can find from the clean washing pile, and helps her children to make breakfast (or pour it from the box and add the milk). She gets her children to school on time and then returns home to brush her hair. She juggles a job, housework, after school activities and tantrums whilst still getting time to check facebook, write a blog and tweet a few people. She often finds socks begind the radiator (and sometimes she puts them back again) and when people are coming over she takes all the junk and objects with no home upstairs to the spare room. She closes the door to the spare room.

I think mum number two is the most honest mum there is. Sometimes she does have neat hair and carefully applied makeup. Sometimes she does get a meal in the slow cooker for later. But then she discovers that her skirt is tucked into her knickers, she forgot to turn the damn slow cooker on and her children have odd socks on. But you know what? She’s happy. Not perfect, but happy.

What are your views on the Real Parenting Revolution campaign? I’m all for admitting that I find the school run a challenge most days and that by Friday my house looks like its been burgled. I will readily admit that I prefer to spend time playing with my kids and anyone that disagrees with me is not a friend of mine! I’m all for honesty and helping each other out. I’m all for admitting I need help. Because I often do. Sometimes I can’t quite manage to get the big one to a party on a Friday when I’m at work. Sometimes hospital appointments clash with the school run. Sometimes I just DON’T have time to iron every single thing in the ironing basket. I’m only human after all- I’m not perfect.
*And relax!*


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