For The Love of Blogging- Meet Me Monday

Sluiter Nation is one of my most favourite blogs to read and I was delighted to hear about the week long celebration of blogging going on over there at the moment. Brilliant!
So here is my Meet Me Monday post and your virtual tour of my blog: welcome!

No surprises here. If you click on this page you will find out that I have two children and that I started blogging ten months after the traumatic birth of my son in 2009.
I’ve always loved writing and it baffles me more and more each day that I did not do this sooner.
I’m a primary school teacher and I am lucky to be working just two days a week since having my son. I want to keep it this way. I also want to write more and make some money from it. I have made a little bit and these are the articles I have written for someone else, rather than just for me.
The reason why ghostwritermummy is here. It took a long time for me to be able to write about this and it still hurts a lot. But the real beauty of blogging for me is that it DOES help. I have also ‘met’ a lot of other women who have shared their stories with me and you can read some of them on this page. I have yet to blog about the aftermath of the birth as in some ways that stuff is even harder to write about but I know that I am in safe hands here and so it will be posted one day.
This is my baby. My linky! Only I do share the linky love with the fabulous Alexander Residence and Hazel and Blue Handmade. If you click on this page it will tell you all about the music I hope that my children will listen to.
I’ve only done one review so far and the sweets are still being enjoyed!

And that’s me. That’s ghostwritermummy.


So far in my short blogging life I have written about My daughter’s birth, my son’s reflux, and again here, the day my baby took his first steps, missing my kids when they’re away, loving it when they’re back and New Year’s Resolutions.
I’ve written about my opinions on the British Pregnancy Advisory Service’s challenge to the government, my take on the current weaning debate, my views on the Education Secretary’s proposed law changes and my views on the news about missing children
I’ve joined in with some fabulous linkys and I know that I will be joining loads more. Oh and I wrote a post that was inspired by Katie at Sluiter Nation and that deserves a mention too. I wrote about my baby’s feet. It was inspired by Katie’s beautiful post about her Mother’s Hands and the reason why I subscribed to her blog.


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