Every parent’s worse nightmare

Did anyone read this news article? It is a story about Carlina White, who was kidnapped when she was just nine days old and has been re-united with her mother after twenty-three years. It made a brief appearance on BBC breakfast news the other morning and then got swallowed up with all the sad, violent and depressing stories that happen each and every day. I can’t find a BBC news article online about this story and that makes me sad. Maybe people don’t want to read amazing stories about people being re-united with their natural parents after such a long time, but this story has haunted me this week.

This story makes me think about all the other missing children and makes me want to hold my own that little bit tighter.
When Madeleine McCann went missing the big one was only a year or so younger than she was and I spent weeks dreaming about her and torturing myself with thoughts of my own child being missing and how my world would just crumble. How will they know that my daughter hates bubbles and loves olives in her packed lunch? How will they know that she likes her arms stroked and that she has to have a hole cut out of her mittens so that she can still suck her thumb? Will they even let her wear mittens when its cold?

I listened to all the criticisms of the parents and I kept coming back to the same theory- no-body could ever blame Kate and Gerry more than they would blame themselves for the rest of their lives; no punishment could EVER be worse than the hell they were now living in.
Having your child taken from you has to be one of the most awful nightmares for a parent to experience and I simply cannot imagine the pain these parents must face each and every day that they are not with their loved ones.

So Carlina White, who was re-united with her natural mother after twenty-three years- that’s an amazing story. That’s a story we should be celebrating, gaining hope from and reporting widely. It’s a story so many parents, sadly, need to hear about. It’s a story we should be sharing. It has a happy ending.

Today, so many children throughout the world are missing from home. Tonight, as I tuck mine in their beds I will thank my lucky stars once more that they are here and they are safe. But I will also spend a moment to think of those children who aren’t at home where they belong. And like every other parent, I will thank my lucky stars it happened to someone else, not me.

UK Missing Kids
Missing Children.com
Help Find My Child Find Madeleine McCann
Report on the opinion that there are many more Carlina Whites waiting to be found
Image credits:
Find Madleine.com


10 responses to “Every parent’s worse nightmare

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  • superlittlemen

    It is disgusting really such a good story doesn’t get more press. I might be showing my age here but when I was much younger a little boy called Ben who was about 3 from Britain disappeared in Greece & was never traced. The theory was he had been taken & sold to a childless family & when little Madeleine McCann vanished I couldn’t stop thinking if the little blonde boy Ben. He would be 18 or 19 now & I often wonder if he ever feels out of place, had distant memories of his real family etc. Did he find learning English very easy for example. All these questions. I would like to think my 2 would have some memories of us by aged 3 or 4. I hate it if my 2 are not within my sight, i often feel v overprotective.

    • ghostwritermummy

      I agree. I do remember Ben Needham, I used to think the same. It really haunted me as a kid, I couldn’t get my head round that fact that he was never found and wouldn’t even know his parents now. I also remember reading a book called I Know My First Name Is Stven and he was returned to his family aged 14 after 7 years. He couldn’t adjust, turned to crime etc. Such a long journey Carlina White’s family has to face. Thanks for your comments

  • waterbirthplease

    This story escaped me completely. Which is your point I guess! A thought provoking bog Sue – one that made me squeeze Grace that little bit tighter tonight xxx

  • Crystal Jigsaw

    It beggars belief that someone can take someone elses child. We all want a happy ending in such horrendous circumstances. I do hope Madeleine is found one day.

  • Miss Behaving

    I love reading these stories and with the internet and DNA etc I think there’ll be more to come. Kids coming back like Steven Staynor, Shawn Hornbeck, Elizabeth Smart, Jaycee Dugard, fills me with so much hope that one day Madeleine and kids like her will be found.

  • mummy@bodfortea

    You’re so right, we have a lot to be thankful for. Thank you for reminding us.

  • Christy

    A rush to judgment is always too easy. I still feel for the Ramseys. Maybe JonBenet’s parents would have found out what happened if they hadn’t been targeted to begin with.

    Glad you hopped on the Train ride!

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