All the best laid plans

Ha! last night I read a fabulous post by Minty at waterbirthplease and I have to say, she writes that story even better than she tells it! I’m so glad she started blogging because she is a fabulous writer (I told you so, by the way!!) and also because she has inspired me to write this post. Birth plans!!!!

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Minty’s post talks about her naivety at producing her polished birth plan and actually believing it could happen. Don’t we all have those types of expectations with our first babies? Aren’t we entitled to believe that we may simply have to cough and out pops a beautiful bouncing baby? Ok, so maybe we don’t expect it to happen quite that easily, but still. We’re entitled to think that we might get one of our predicted goals during the course of things. Like a water birth.
I wanted a water birth with my first. I actually wrote on my plan: waterbirth, no drugs. Who was I kidding?! At ten days overdue, I was booked in for a stretch and sweep and my husband and I thought that meant the baby was coming RIGHT THEN in that room. He rushed into town that day, having already started his parental leave. He came home laiden with goodies- *clinique body butter, books, cds, etc etc. We trotted to the hospital, hardly daring to believe that the next time we would step foot through our front door, WE WOULD BE PARENTS! Uh, no. I was told I was nowhere near ready to give birth and would have to be induced. Hmm. I’d still get the water birth though, right?

The day before we went into the hospital to have our lives changed beyond belief, we kind of staggered around, a little dazed. Well, I did. My husband decided that he would start to rip out the kitchen and make us a brand new, shiny open plan kitchen/dining room. How lovely. He also made soup.
‘We’ll have a nice bowl of hearty soup to look forward to when we bring the baby home.’ he assured me.
‘Yes,’ I agreed. ‘And we can watch Eastenders while the baby sleeps.’
I am cringing right now. So, while I was checking and re-checking my well researched hospital bag, my kitchen was being ripped apart and my world was- unknown to me- starting to turn in a sligtly different way than I had planned.
I went into hospital the next morning at 7.30am and my beautiful daughter was born at 2am the following morning via emergency section. They didn’t even let me SEE the birthing pool. My plan was left un-touched and my carefully packed hospital bags were whisked home again, leaving me empty-handed and nappy-less! Everything I had prepared- such a waste of time! But like they say, all the best laid plans…
Oh, and we never got to eat the soup. By the time I got home, it smelled funny, having been left in the slow cooker for abour five days. And the kitchen. I think it was finished by the time my daughter turned three, although I can’t be sure on the exact dates.
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