Reasons to be cheerful!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart
Well. Its been a mixed week this week but as Michelle from Mummy From The Heart is one of my favourite bloggers, I really wanted to join in her fab linky. My list has been going round my head all day and so here it is:

1. Baby had his long awaited blood tests on Wednesday. Now, while I did not enjoy seeing him with needles in his arms, I was so relieved that they had numbed the area so that he didnt even know they’d done it. Phew. And while I did not enjoy seeing him in pain later on (trying to crawl he kept putting his arm down and crying in pain) I knew that the tests were the beginning for us. We’ve spent the last thirteen months not knowing what is wrong with our son and now, finally, they’ve agreed to attempt to find out. I don’t think an adult would have had to wait this long to get a potential diagnosis and I have definitely done my fair share of foot stamping at the hospirtal but still- they have done the tests. We’ll find out. In March. But they’re done and that’s the best reason to be cheerful this week.

2. I’m catching up with a couple of baby group friends this weekend and I’m really looking forward to coffee and cake!! These ladies really saved me in the early days after the baby was born and I haven’t seen them in ages- another downside of going back to work!

3. I found out today that our school gets an extra day’s holiday in May due to the fact that the royal wedding takes place during the Easter break. AND IT’S ON A FRIDAY which means I will only work one day that week! YAY!!!

Come and see all the other posts on the linky at Mummy From The Heart!


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