Listography- 5 celebrities I would like to punch

Ha ha!! The brilliant listography is back, hosted by the mischevious Metal Mummy whilst katetakes5 quite literally takes 5.
This is one of my favourite linkys of all but last night I was flumoxed. What? I can only choose FIVE celebrities I want to punch?!
Now, I’m not a violent person. I only joined that group on Facebook because it sounded really funny and I like walking fast (you know, that ‘I want to punch slow walking people in the back of the head’ group). I’ve never been in a fight in my life, unless you count a bizarre episode one night a few years back which is still a big secret so shh so don’t tell our mum… Ahem. Anyway. So, five celebrities I want to punch. Last night I saw so many tweets proudly boasting a completed list but I decided to sleep on mine a bit. I haven’t read any other list, apart from Metal Mummy’s as I didn’t want to be influenced…


Grrr. She didn’t really bother me until she went all electronic-voiced and her face made her look younger than me (and I was about twelve) and she KEPT ON with the life after love stuff. Jeesh. Get some clothes on, stop warbling at me like a robot and grow old gracefully! I don’t like her.

Google Images

2. Gordon Ramsay

He is a rude, vile, arrogant man who cooks. Maybe his food tastes nice, I don’t know. I don’t really care. Maybe he is just passionate. Well, manners cost nothing and stop karate chopping your hand around when you talk, silly man.

Google Images

3. Fearne Cotton

I’m not sure if it’s just her voice. Maybe it’s the way she uses her voice to say really stupid things. Maybe it’s because I tried to find a really awful picture of her with no makeup on and couldn’t find one. Grrr.

Google Images

4. Jordan

Do I REALLY need to explain?

Google Images

5. Tom Cruise

He’s just a silly man with silly views. And he wears high heeled shoes because he has small man complex. The end.

Google Images


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