I am a sweet junkie…

And with that in mind, imagine my joy to be asked by the lovely people at Sweet Junkie if they can SEND ME SOME SWEETS! Why, yes- certainly! Not only that, but they asked, could they send me SUGAR FREE sweets? Um, ok then. I admit, I don’t usually go for sugar free sweets all the time, but in the spirit of all this #newyearnewbody malarky, I thought it couldn’t be a bad idea…

The big one and I (we love sweets the most) skipped down to the post office to collect our parcel and I swear, her eyes lit up when she saw the goodies inside! Yup, we were in sweet heaven. This is the story of what happened…

Sweet Junkie sent us five bags of their finest sugar free sweets and, like any good mother, my first words were ‘Come one, lets eat as many as we can before Daddy asks for some.’ In the interests of completing this review, I did stop to ask her what she thought of them:
Sour apples: yummy
Rhubarb and Custard: yummy
Aniseed twists: yummy
Chocolate lime: yummy
Mints: yummy


Hmm. There seems to be a pattern forming here. This is what I thought of them:

Don’t be put off by the ‘sugar free’ label! Honestly, you would never know they were sugar free. The chocolate limes were my least favourite but I have a thing about fruit and chocolate and its best not to go into that here. My husband is a fan of them and he assures me that they were tasty so that’s good. All in all, Sweet Junkie managed to send me a little box of happiness with their saintly sugar free sweets. The Aniseed twists are by far my favourite and the sour apples take me right back to my school days- I’m thinking summer day trips in the car, seeing who can make theirs last the longest before you just have to CRUNCH.

Over at Sweet Junkie I noticed that they also do a retro sweetie range with old favourites such as gob-stoppers (could do with some of them in this house) and oh my goodness Mega Sour Cherries!!! I told you I LOVED sweets, didn’t I? So at the moment we are all (apart from the baby of course) walking around with strange lumps at the sides of our cheeks and our voices have taken on that slightly slurry ‘at the dentist’ quality- but hey, we’re happy; we’re in sweetie heaven!

*As previously mentioned, I received a lovely box of sweeties from Sweetie Junkie, but no other payment. The views on these sweeties are MINE, all mine!!!


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