Seven things you never knew you wanted to know about me…

Well. I’ve been tagged by three amazing bloggers: helloitsgemma, Mummy From The Heart and OMammy! So I’m supposed to tell you seven things about myself that you didn’t already know…

1. I was once put into a large cauldron by the utterly terrifying Grot Bags whilst on holiday in Caister. All because I was wearing a flashing headband! I ask you. I’m still haunted by the moment.

Picture courtesy of Google images

2. When I was little, I fell down the stairs and cut my tongue almost in half. My mum had to take me to four different doctors before she found one who would stitch me up again. If she hadn’t I would be mute today and no-one would get the chance to hear my beautiful singing voice (!)

3. As a student I used to live near quite a few rum characters, including a group of ‘ladies of the night’ who would regularly invite us for Sunday dinner.

4. I used to want AT LEAST four children. Now, I think two is probably about enough.

5. I hate drinking hot drinks from mugs that aren’t white inside. I always have done- coffee just doesn’t taste right! I also hate the mugs that we have hanging on our mug tree- they taste funny too.

Picture courtes of Google images

6. My daughter has a phobia about foamy bubbles. She heaves when she has her hair washed and bubble bath sends her into a complete panic. She has always been like this and at six years old I’m not sure she will grow out of it now.

7. I REALLY want to go to New York so that I can ice-skate on Central Park.

They may not be amazing facts, but I bet you didn’t already know them! Now, I think I have to nominate some more bloggers to carry this on. Hmm. Let’s see.

Mummy Beadzoid

You’re it!


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