Music I want my Children to Listen to- Daniel Johnston

Last week I posted Music I want my Children to Listen to- Ben Folds and it struck me how important music really is- to children and grownups alike. Yesterday I was having a twittervation (is that a word? Ok, then. I was having a conversation on Twitter) with the lovely Alexander Residence and the equally as lovely Becky at Hazel and Blue Handmade and we discovered that we all had similar tastes in music and opinions in its power to teach, soothe and stimulate. So… we dedided we would each blog about the music we want our children to listen to and perhaps make it a regular feature. There is even talk of opening a linky if anyone else wants to join.
Stay At Home Mum and Loving it has even made a badge!!!

So, with no further ado (ALWAYS wanted to say that but I’m not much of a speech maker) I give you… Daniel Johnston.

I discovered this amazing man by chance one night, by the way of a film about him called ‘The Devil and Daniel Johnston’. I realised I already knew so many of his songs as he is an extremely prolific writer and many many artists have released cover versions of his fabulous work. By discovering Daniel Johnston, you discover Teenage Fan Club, Clem Snide, Beck, Bright Eyes, Eels, Mercury Rev, M.Ward, Tom Waits, Flaming Lips and Death Cab for Cutie- all in one go.
Re-listening to The Late Great Daniel Johnston, it became clear to me that so much of his work- mostly resulting from manic episodes- has had a profound effect on me and thats why I have chosen him to be music I want my children to listen to. These are just a few of the lessons in life via Daniel Johnston song titles/ lyrics:

‘Don’t let the sun go down on your grievience’
‘Start each day with a clean slate’
‘True love will find you in the end’
‘The sun shines down on me’
Daniel Johnston has a special place in my heart because many of his songs take me right back to the time before my son was conceived and we were-unknowingly- making our last memories as a family of three. Some songs take me back to a weekend in London for my 30th birthday when we went to a gallery presenting stunning artwork by the man himself. Some songs take me back to teacher training college when my daughter would ‘help’ me with my assignments at the kitchen table every Sunday afternoon. Another song takes me to the night before we moved into this house and the excitement on my daughter’s face as we raced around the empty rooms, bouncing on the springy carpet. The rooms are now filled with life’s little things and possessions and the carpets don’t bounce so much, but the music is still there.
I think I said before that music invokes memories and I think that this music is the perfect example of that.
I hope that my children will one day make their own memories with the help of Daniel Johnston.

After much persuasion from the very persuasive The Boy and Me, here is a linky for you to add your own musical entries. So. Who do YOU want your children to listen to?
Add your entry and don’t forget to visit the rest!

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