The Friday Club: Geek Carnival

This week’s Friday Club is all about twitter; we are to blog about our experiences and the tweeters we love to tweet with. Where to start?
The lovely helloitsgemma actually vowed that she would get me addicted to twitter, back in November I think.., guess what, it worked! It was a shaky love affair to begin with and a few messages sat behind the @mentions tab for a while before the very helpful Nickie at I am typecast walked me through it… and I’ve never looked back!
I’ve laughed with helloitsgemma, theboyandme , northernmum , lincolnandme, Mammywoo, Eviegracesmummy, and HonestMummy. I have joined the #badnightcoffeclub (for those with insomnia/ babies who don’t sleep)- Inceywinceymum, himupnorth and Kailexness).
I’ve had feeding advice from kateab and health advice from Michelle at Mummy From The Heart and cafebebe. I’ve commiserated, I’ve congratulated (#BrillBMB!!) and I’ve introduced (#ff: waterbirthplease).
In a few short months I have entered- and been welcomed into- a whole new world. Its a world that is always there, constantly evolving and constantly awake. I have ‘met’ people from all over the world. I have had the most heartfelt and encouraging words from people who have never met me and have no reason to judge me or to say they like what I write for no reason. I have had constructive advice and I have met like minded people; people who have had similar experiences to me and who are willing to share their unique stories. And yes, helloitsgemma, I AM TOTALLY ADDICTED!!!

In short, I have interacted with many a person through twitter and if I have recently spoken to you but not listed you I can only apologise. You know that twitter is so difficult to keep on top of at the best of times and having only just mastered it… give me chance!

Here are the other entries in this Twitter Carnival:

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