British Pregnancy Advisory Service wants law change…

I read on the BBC website this morning that the government are opposing BPAS’ challenges to adjust current legislation which means that women who are less than nine weeks pregnant can take their second set of pills at home, rather than at a clinic. I felt I had to post something about this because it is such an important topic for so many women and because I really wanted to know your opinions on it too.

I am pro-choice. I have personal reasons for this which are not necessary for this post. I believe that women have the right to choose what happens to their body and that if a woman has decided to go ahead with a termination, that is her right. I also believe that she has the right to see that decision through with dignity and if that is in the comfort of her own home, then so be it. I know that for some women, the decision to end a pregnancy is an incredibly hard one to make and being at home can make a massive difference to how she is then able to move on. The majority of clinics are not places of comfort for many women as they can be sterile, can sometimes exclude male partners and they exist purely for the purpose of which many women do not need reminding- why they are there in the first place. I think what I am trying to say is that I believe some women will actually benefit from taking the second set of tablets at home, where they are comfortable, feel safe and have their loved ones and/ or partner with them. I believe that the option should be there.

I do, however, believe that each case is different. If there has been sufficient and effective pre-counselling then recommendations can be made as to whether or not the woman needs to return for a second appointment. In some cases, medical monitoring and/ or counselling may be advisable and in these cases, then yes- take the tablets at a clinic where your health and safety are of utmost importance.

I disagree with MP Nadine Dorries who believes that changing the current laws will encourage women to use abortion as a contraceptive. Rather than the BPAS assuming that all women are privileged enough to come from clean, loving homes, I feel that perhaps the government is assuming that most women who choose to end a pregnancy are young and foolish. The truth is that we all make mistakes and many women who decide to end a pregnancy are in fact able to carry out treatment in their own homes. Forcing women to attend a second appointment at a clinic is not always, in my opinion, necessary and in some cases may only succeed in dragging out a painful and often traumatic experience. I think that women should be able to choose and I fully support BPAS in their efforts to get the government to change their minds. What do you think?
You can read the BBC article here and you can read more about BPAS here.


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