The Gallery- body parts… lips!

This is only the second time I’ve entered the gallery and I thought I knew what to post. Without knowing the theme, I wrote about my baby’s feet the other day. Today I’ve chosen a different body part- lips. Here are my daughter’s:

Of course, they have ice-cream smeared all over- what self-respecting five year old doesn’t eat ice-cream like that? I chose lips for a few reasons but here are the top three.
1. My children have my fat lips. When I was at school I was teased for these lips, now all the thin-lipped girls are pumping theirs up and paying to look like this! Ha! Who wants to be “rubber lips” now? You do, that’s who! I’m glad my children have my lips!
2. My children kiss me with those lips. True, the baby still lunges in with his mouth wide open but one day they’ll be proper kisses. The big one is briliant at them.
3. Those lips were the first thing everyone commented on when she was born. She has an infamous bottom lip that sticks out when she cries. She has a fabulous smile.

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