Listography- top 5 places I’ve visited

Ha! katetakes5‘s fab listography is up again! This time we are writing about the top 5 places we’ve visited. So here goes:

1. Egypt
We went when we were childless and young. We booked two nights in a hotel in Luxor and then travelled on to Cairo, Dahab, back to Cairo and then back to Luxor. Oh, the funny memories from this trip could keep me writing for months! I feel another blog post coming on, but I’ll save that. Egypt now exists in my past as I could never take a child to the Egypt I saw; I could never go to the Egypt that welcomes families. My Egypt was dirty, poor, exciting. Not for my children.
2. Sydney
What an amazing city! We visited my sister and her daughter who was then 3. The purpose of our trip was to appear in court to read an affidavit detailing her abusive relationship with her ex and why he should not have custody (unfortunately still rumbling on, eight years later) but the reality of the trip was so different. Again, it will take another blog post to explain about my sister and what it is like to have her so far away. Its especially hard at the moment, with her in Queensland and the terrible floods that are ripping her home apart as I type. Our trip to Sydney was amazing and our next one will be to Queensland.
3. Florida
I was lucky enough to go twice as a kid and this summer I will be taking MY children. I’ll never forget the look on my little sister’s face when she met Mickey Mouse- can’t wait to see the big and little one’s faces!
4. Broadstairs, Kent
Yeah, so what? We love it there! We had our first family holiday there when we were just the three of us and have been back since. There is a gorgeous, funky little cafe and a beautiful beach… we want to retire there. My Wordless Wednesday post this week was taken there. It rocks. Fact.
5. Yugoslavia
Yes, I know. Techinically it doesn’t exist anymore. But when it did, I went there. I met an amazing friend there and we are still penpals now, over twenty years later! I remember it being such a beautiful country. P’s grandad was from Yugoslavia; he was a prisoner of war and managed to escape. He spent three days knee deep in water, hiding, before he escaped and made his way to Liverpool, where he met P’s nan. What a story! Without his bravery, the big one and the little one wouldn’t even be here!

SO that’s my top 5 places I’ve visited. What are yours?


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