Dear Reflux and others

Dear Reflux,

We don’t like you. Please go away. Take your vomit and your pain, pack your grubby bags and leave my family alone. We’re tired of your pain, your burning rage and your side-effects. We don’t like you.

Dear Doctor,

Please pull your socks up. Please listen, please act and please care. Please use your skills and your tests and find some answers.

Dear Cranial Osteopath,

Thank you for your efforts, they were appreciated more than you can imagine. Thank you for that moment of hope at a time that was so desperate. Thank you for listening.

Dear Health Visitor,

No. Putting my baby to bed when he isn’t tired as it won’t work and induces stress. No. keeping hot, healthy meals on constant standby incase the baby wants to eat at some point this week is not an option; I have another child and I work too so we need to have meals at mealtimes. I will, however, constantly offer some form of food, perhaps not hot, in case he does eat eventually. No. Weighing my baby every week will not make his weight shoot up, will only make me feel like more of a failure and will increase the time spent at the surgery, feeling stressed. No.

Dear Paediatrician,

We put all our hopes into you. Will you help us? The medications, the tests, the shoulder to cry on… it eases the moment but will you help us? The toys in the box and the stethoscope to fiddle with… the nods and the “I understand”s… the appointments, the reviews, the medications, the medications, the medications…

Dear Dietitian,

You have been no help at all. Goodbye.


Dear Reflux

You have been with us for almost thirteen months. We know all about you. We live with you, we live in fear of you, we know how to supress you. We know which foods you feed on, which foods make you stronger and knock us down a little bit more. We know all about you.
And now you bring your friends into our home, wiping your muddy boots all over the carpet and trampling the sofa like unwanted teenagers. We know all about you.
We don’t know why you’re here.


11 responses to “Dear Reflux and others

  • MmeLindt

    Oh, I remember the horror of relux – although we did not know it had a name. Our son eventually grew out of it, and only the lingering travel sickness reminds us of those days. We still have to avoid dairy products before a car journey.

    My mother said, “Once he starts walking, he will stop puking”, and for once she was right.

  • Mommy@Bodfortea

    So sorry to read this and hope it made you feel better to get it all out on paper, so to speak. I was lucky enough that DD didn’t have reflux, although she had colic for what seemed like forever at the time. And what is it with health visitors? Does anyone actually train them?

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  • Wave of Life Surf Studion

    We struggle with getting our little one to eat too- it can be so frustrating!! Am not sure what you had to see the cranial Dr for, but hope everything is OK- my sone had to have cranial surgery about a year and a half ago & it was very difficult. Hi~ I am your newest follower from the blog hop & would love it if you stopped by and returned the love 🙂

    • ghostwritermummy

      Oh it was nothing as serious as you have experienced- I hope all is ok now. We saw a cranial osteopath, he manipulates the bones as a form of physio-therapy. To be honest it isn’t seen as ‘proper’ medicine over here so we had to pay privately for it. I will pop over to your blgo asap!

  • Kylie Hodges (kykaree)

    I can’t believe we dodged that particular bullet, Joseph was a “happy chucker” but no pain. It’s a horrendous condition.

    A lot of people are so ignorant about it, I thought reflux was just a bit of chucking, but its so much more than that, and I have friends who have had babies stop breathing as a result.

    I do hope there is an end to it, its miserable.

    BTW HVs are from another planet. My little boy was born at 27 weeks and my HV knew nothing about early prems. As much use as a chocolate fireguard

    • ghostwritermummy

      Yeah, my HV has been useless too. Luckily L no longer pukes all the time but he still has episodes of pain and bad reactionst to food. So much so that he barely eats solids now and he’s 13 months old. Awful business. BUT he is a really happy baby now!!

  • Heidi

    We had such a horrible time with reflux with our youngest and I never thought I would get through it, especially when I was told it could take a year or more to clear. Thankfully he’s 8 months now and over it, with just the odd sickly day. I hope it goes away soon for you x

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