Top Ten Posts I’ve Written…

I discovered a fabulous blog last week: Sluiter Nation , the blog that inspired this post, My Baby’s Feet.
Today Sluicer Nation is hosting Top Ten Tuesdays and the theme is Top Ten Posts I’ve Written. I couldn’t resist! my list is not necessarily the top-rated in terms of readers; they are more like the posts that I have enjoyed writing, feel are important or mean more to me than I could possibly explain here and now (I’m currently sat in my kitchen with the dishawsher to empty and the washing to sort before the baby wakes up and I have to get the big one from school… you get the idea).
So here are my top ten posts:

1. In The Beginning
One of my very first blog posts! Special for that reason but also special because it is about the birth of my daughter, six (SIX??!!) years ago.

2. The Toddler Who came To Tea
How I wish I knew about blogging when my daughter was a baby! This post was written on the day my son took his first steps! Memories set in stone.

3. Having A Social Life
We went out to celebrate my friend’s birthday (read her blog, waterbirthplease!), one of the first nights out since the baby was born!

4. The Wind!!
Sick of reading/ hearing about the snow?? Well, read about the wind instead! Who says British people are obsessed with the weather?

5. A Very Muslim Christmas
I like this post because it reminds me of one of the many reasons why I like teaching the children I teach.

6. Ok, So I Think I Can Do This Now
Some of you will already know this story but I couldn’t leave it out as it is important to me. It’s my son’s birth story- a HUGE reason why I am blogging today, why I know some of the amazing people I know today and why I will always try my best to NEVER take anything for granted in life.

7. There’s A Shreddie on Your Belt and Other Random Objects Stuck to Your Sock
We still laugh about the shreddie on the belt- it sums up our family life so well. I can see seven cheerios on the floor from where I sit now…

8. Music I want My Children To listen To- Ben Folds
I love Ben Folds!

9. My Top 5 Dinner Party Guests
This post is here because I love the thought of this dinner party!

10. My Baby’s Feet
This is my last post and the one that has, for me, brought the most lovely comments to date. You can read some of them here, a couple on my facebook page and a couple exist only in memory of a couple of conversations. They all mean so much to me.

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