Music I want my children to listen to- Ben Folds

Last week I took part in Kate takes 5’s Listography task where we were asked to write about our top 5 dinner party guests. I chose Ben Folds and since then I have been re-listening to his music- and loving him all over again. It occurred to me today that this is one artist I want my children to listen to when they’re older. It occurred to me as we were paying for the Blondie CD for the big one- my friend bought her a Blondie t-shirt for christmas and she is now the very proud owner of the greatest hits CD :)- that there are some songs that they just NEED to listen to.
My husband introduced me to Ben Folds in the form of Ben Folds Five and we saw him live when the big one was little. The song Gracie always makes me think of the big one as a baby and how P used to let her fall asleep in his arms and would stay there for hours, so still incase she woke up (“I won’t move you an inch even though my arm’s asleep”). I once came home from a yoga class and he had been in the same position for two hours, watching Songs of Praise because he couldn’t reach the remote control… This song was also played at the naming ceremony of my friend’s daughter (you can read her blog, waterbirthplease here) and very nearly reduced me to tears.
I’ve always loved the way that music can trigger memories that stand sharp in my mind; very few songs can do this every time you listen to them, but Ben Folds is the exception for me. I find myself quoting lyrics that actually mean something; I find myself imagining the people he sings about.
Having seen him live, I would recommend one of his gigs to anyone. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen/ heard ‘Bitches ain’t s**t’ sung to a piano!
But more than this, and the reason for this post- I want my children to love this music too. Their parents grew together listening to this, and other stuff. Their parents bonded over this music and their parents relate a lot of it to them. I think that music is so important, for atmosphere, memories, emotions and story telling. Music helps children to relax, feel happy, feel sad- feel. Music helps children to socialise, to co-ordinate their movements and to learn speech, rhythm, timing, pace and pulse. Music helps children to learn association. Music helps us all in so many ways. Today my baby spent half an hour in HMV, dancing. It was such a happy moment, to see him enjoying music and moving his body.
This is why I want my children to listen to music. This is why one day I want my children to listen to Ben Folds. He tells a story, he invokes emotions. Please note, I did say I want my children to listen to Ben Folds ONE day. He swears every now and then, you see. But Gracie is perfectly fine for children’s ears. Have a listen, see for yourself! You can find out more about Ben Folds here. He rocks.


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