Reasons to be cheerful!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart

Thanks to Mummy From The Heart for this great linky! This time of year we all need a good reason to be cheerful… so here are three!

1. I still have my Christmas tree up.
Ha! I know, I know, its really bad luck. But I LOVE my Christmas tree and the room looks so cheerful with it twinkling in the corner. There are even presents underneath it and I still have fairy lights going up the banisters too. It’s my house. I’m a grown up and grown ups can make decisions. And this year I decided we would ignore the 12 days of christmas and we’re keeping the tree up. OK? It makes me cheerful.
2. We saved enough for Florida. Yes. Even though we seem to have been heamorraging cash since October and the GREAT birthday season, we have somehow managed to save enough to take us all to Florida in August. Hooray!!
3. I got to watch a pantomime on my first day back at work. See this post.

So they are MY reasons to be cheerful. Short and sweet. And yes, they cheered me up. Now, all I need to do is to get a bikini body for Florida and convince my family that the Christmas tree is now an art installation and that the presents underneath need constantly re-stocking. Oh, and the Christmas chocolate tin needs re-filling…

The tree is staying and THE CHOCOLATES too!

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