We ALL need a good pantomime at work!

Pah. The January Blues hit big time this morning. The alarm clock- the real one, not the human one in baby form- went off at 6.30 (set to the Beastie Boys in an effort to get us motivated) and I was not amused. Little L had been up numerous times and, oh no! Shock horror, the pain of it- I had to go to WORK!! I know I get all the holidays blah blah but still. The holidays can be the worse part of the job sometimes when you have to stop having them and go back in. And yes, I know I only have to work two days but I have a baby! That’s a full time job, so really it’s like I have TWO jobs now. Do you feel sorry for me yet?
So, after I’d finally managed to boot us all out of the door (did you read this post where I promised this wouldn’t happen in the new year? Yeah, well, I told you they were made to be broken.) and got to school, I discovered three things.
1. I am not being a good enough mother because I am doing baby led weaning on my twelve month old son. I should’ve started this when he was six months old. I shouldn’t have weaned him at four months and he should be on three square meals a day. The reason he doesn’t eat much more than toast and bananas is because I have scarred him for life and no, it’s not ok that he will poke and prod at his food for half an hour before I make him toast. He is too old to experiment, he should be eating. And don’t even get me started on how terrible I am for not letting him cry himself to sleep, even when the reflux is really bad. He needs to learn…
2. My old TA is fabulous. She has a lovely shoulder to cry on and, despite her own problems, always has the time to make me a coffe and agree with everything I say.
3. Every work place should host a panto! We spent the afternoon watching Jack and the Beanstalk. Lovely! Just the right mix of adult humour and child participation and even a ltitle bit of Laday Gaga thrown in for good measure. Tenuous links aside, they managed to shoe-horn a few good numbers into the script and I left school feeling slightly more pleased than I did when I got there.
I think we should all be forced to sit down and enjoy a panto in January. But I suppose that if we have to be forced, we might not enjoy it… maybe after your parenting skills have been publicly questioned, three children have scribbled on your important papers and your pigeon hole is stuffed full of REALLY important papers that need seeing to RIGHT away… maybe only then is it the perfect tonic.

Picture from the BBC


12 responses to “We ALL need a good pantomime at work!

  • theboyandme

    I know exactly what you mean re: holidays. I weaned at 13 weeks (he was a huge baby, don’t you even try & chastise me any of you, he’s my child not yours). I will not let my child cry in his cot. I am a good mother and so are you.

    • ghostwritermummy

      We weaned because of his reflux and at first he loved it. Unfortunately he can’t eat certain foods and they’re doing tests soon to find out why. Think this has given him a fear of eating 😦
      Thanks for comments

  • Emma

    Oli is 21months and I still wont let him cry to sleep. He wakes up upset in the middle of the night because he wants a bottle and we still give in to him. I have days where I feel like such a bad mother for doing this but then on the other days Im just doing what is right by both me and my child. Only you know what is right for your family! 🙂

  • Grace

    I think every child and every mom is different. Do what you feel is right and who cares what anyone else thinks..

    Fellow Blog Hopper:)

  • gingerbreadhouse

    Weaning is hard isn’t it! I started at 17 weeks and my son is addicted to pouches rather than my cooking!

    • ghostwritermummy

      My son is a terrible eater!! He practically lives on toast and bananas! We were told to wean early due to his reflux and it didn’t really make a difference. He certainly isn’t moved by food!

  • Calif Lorna

    I like the sound of your TA – we could all use one of those. Happy New Year!

  • Reasons to be cheerful! « ghostwritermummy

    […] 1. I still have my Christmas tree up. Ha! I know, I know, its really bad luck. But I LOVE my Christmas tree and the room looks so cheerful with it twinkling in the corner. There are even presents underneath it and I still have fairy lights going up the banisters too. It’s my house. I’m a grown up and grown ups can make decisions. And this year I decided we would ignore the 12 days of christmas and we’re keeping the tree up. OK? It makes me cheerful. 2. We saved enough for Florida. Yes. Even though we seem to have been heamorraging cash since October and the GREAT birthday season, we have somehow managed to save enough to take us all to Florida in August. Hooray!! 3. I got to watch a pantomime on my first day back at work. See this post. […]

  • andthenallithoughtaboutwasyou

    Every child and every parent is different as long as it works for you both who else cares. As long as you are all happy that is all that matters xx

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