Blog Dare- The day found out I was pregnant

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Wow. We decided to have another baby just after I started my NQT year and it was a decision we never ever took lightly. Neither did we expect to have to wait so long to see those blue lines! I met lots of women during that time and found huge support with other ladies who were struggling to get pregnant. A couple of those women fell at the same time as me and we got to share our journeys together, which will always mean a lot to me. Incidentally, I have never met those women. We were part of an online community and although I suppose they existed only in a virtual world, they were nevertheless such a fabulous support to me and I consider myself very lucky to have met them.
I ended up charting and temping and, basically obsessing. This took a lot of the mystery out of it. There was no shock when the blue turned line. I remember thinking, ‘well at last!’ and mentally patted myself on the back because I had been right. I DID ovulate when I said I did. I did feel pregnant for a reason. And YES you can get a BFP when you are only 11DPO!!!! (as you can see, I totally got into the lingo of TTC!)
So. The blue lines. I took a test on 11DPO, despite warnings that it would not show up. And it did. Sort of. If you squinted in the right way and tilted your head the right way, the line was there. My husband couldn’t see it though so we headed out on our family day to Skipton Castle. While our daughter revelled in being in a real, live castle, I was scanning the cobbled streets for a chemist so that I could wee on a stick as soon as we got home. I remember spending the whole day with butterflies in my tummy, feeling like it was Christmas Eve and something amazing was about to happen. And it did. Later that day (and again the next and then the next just to be sure) I weed on another stick and got another positive. It was March 31st 2009. My son was born December 13th 2009. Read about his birth here
We are now a happy family of four and I have to admit that while I am nowhere near ready for another, I do crave the excitement and happiness of that day mooching around the castle, knowing there was something so special inside me.

A few hours old, nearly ten months after the blue line appeared

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