Top 5 dinner party guests


Hooray! It’s listography time again! Thanks, Kate takes 5!
This week is dinner party guests and I have to admit I already have my list for this one.

1. Ben Folds.
I’ve seen him live once and he was really funny (and talented) and so I think an investment in a piano would be no big deal in this case. As long as he plays ‘bitches ain’t s***’ then I will be happy.
2. Larry David.
There’s always someone you end up disliking at the end of a dinner party and since he is so used to it, LD seems like an obvious choice. Also, he would be REALLY funny and likely to pay the bill/ bring expensive wine.
3. The Baby Whisperer.
Just so that I can really pick her brains and find out if she really does know all there is to know about babies. Also, can she get mine to eat and sleep?
4. The Tooth Fairy.
I would do a deal. Take the teeth, leave the money- just don’t make me have to deal with the terrible things. I hate teeth- coming through, coming out, all of it. I fainted at school once because I had a wobbly tooth. Whenever a child comes to me at school with a bloody tooth in a grubby hand it’s about all I can do to not heave whilst thrusting paper towels at them. They make me sick and I’m dreading the first missing tooth in this family. *Shudder*
5. Maya Angelou.
I think she’s great. I nearly named my daughter after her, but didn’t at the last minute. I would love to put the worlds to rights over coffee with that lady.

So that’s my list! Who would you have over for dinner?

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