My Top 5 things about having kids


Many thanks to the brilliant Kate Takes 5 for starting up the listography. Now I need to do another post dammit!! Here are my top 5 reasons why having kids (MY kids) is so great:

1. They keep you young. While there is no doubt that the older your children get, the older you get but they do help to keep you young, honest! Ask me anything about Lady Gaga, Tom and Jerry or Disney Playhouse. I can also tell you that ‘sick’ no longer means that you feel unwell and ‘wicked’ is no longer acceptable playground slang. Oh, and I know all the moves to the Cha Cha Slide… but that might not be down to the kids.
2. They keep you honest. As a parent, I don’t want to lie to my children and I don’t want them to lie to me. Obviously, Santa is real and the tooth fairy really does take away teeth in exchange for money. BUT I will tell my children that yes, two men can get married and yes, I used to smoke cigarettes. I will also tell my children that I don’t know who made the world and I’m not very good at maths either. I make mistakes and I will own up to them.
3. They make you keep learning. When my children ask, I want to tell them who made the world, or at least help them to decide for themselves. I want to help them with their homework and I want to make myself better so that they can strive to be better themselves.
4. They make you laugh. Even when I’m feeling like a total grump, my children can brigthen my day without fail. Enough said.
5. They make memories. Good, bad, sad, happy, exciting or magical. With my children, I have my camera, my tales to tell and my stories to swap. My children remember small things and I remember big things. We’re making memories every day and we’re storing up special moments for the future. My children make me want to remember what I was wearing when we went out for the day on Christmas Eve in 2005. My children make me want to remember how they spent the first few months of their lives both sleeping with their hands behind their heads. My children make me want to remember the smell of their skin first thing in the morning, the smile they smile when we’ve been apart all day and the face they pull when they eat something they dislike. My children make the best memories, memories I’ll take with me wherever I go.



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