A slightly more achievable to do list…

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I’m not a lover of lists, since I discovered that I write them and then forget all about them. Shopping lists hide in the bottom of my bag and the essentials remain unbought; to do lists especially remain unread and, these days, unwritten so as to save vital energy that could be spent trying to remember what the hell I was supposed to be doing. Obsessive listing was once part of my ‘baby routine’ as I felt the need to list the feeding times of my erratic-feeding baby. I was also required to list everything he ate for the dietitian and then SHE didn’t even look at it so… so it seems pointless to me.
To do lists simply remind me that I have lots to do. I already know I have lots to do, but if the chores aren’t written down then maybe sometimes I can get away with ‘forgetting’. To do lists actually make me feel a little anxious, as it seems to me that the times spent writing them could actually be spent doing the things on them instead. Do you see what I mean?
So my to do list today is simple. Look after the baby; look after the big one; look after the husband. There. done. Oh, and stop biting my nails. See my resolutions post for that one.

Also, see my

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