Eye, eye Cap’n

I’ve hurt my eye. I scratched it on the sharpest leaf on the Yuka plant that stands in the hall. I spent most of last night squinting and now I think I may have to… wear a patch? I dreamt of this, of sitting for hours in the out of hours surgery and coming home with an eye patch. Can you get coloured ones? How long would I have to wear it? Have I got anything that matches?
It actually leads me on to a new resolution for 2011. No more doctors unless I REALLY need them. I spent so much of my time sitting in that depressing waiting room, pacing the baby and praying for my name to appear. I know all the receptionists by sight and I don’t like them. I’ve seen at least 30 GPs in that place and now we’ve moved on to the hospital. Slightly better there but still not ideal. In January we have MMR jabs, closely followed by blood tests and our normal consultant and dietitian appointments. That’ll do.
So, no out of hours surgery for me and no eye patch, unfortunately. I will just have to squint today.

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