And so chaos resumes…

My children are back!! This is how I know:

1. There are pieces of half chewed crumpets trodden into the carpet.
2. The toy cupboard has exploded. The house is once more filled with Zhu Zhu Pets, toy cars, bobbles, hair clips, fake snow, cracker trinkets and teddies.
3. There are cartoons on the television. Tom and Jerry. AGAIN.
4. Someone has stuffed half a tube of loo roll down the toilet, not flushed the chain and left the tap running in the sink.
5. I can’t hear myself think. The house is alive with giggling, screaming, ‘more! more! Will you play with me Daddy, can I have some more chocolate, I need a poo…’
6. I need a glass of wine.

Aahh. I wouldn’t change it for the world! Happy New Year!

Home, sweet home...


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