I want my kids back!

The kids are away. It wasn’t exactly planned but its happened and I’m finding it very difficult. I’d dreamt of being able to cook without having a small child attached to my legs. What fun to take a bath without a small child attached to my legs! Imagine taking a walk to the pub without… you get the idea. In reality, I haven’t cooked- we’ve eaten street hotdogs (YUK!) and a sandwhich since they’ve been gone. I did take a bath, but I put too much cold in and couldn’t be bothered to take some out and run it again. In essence, not having the chidlren really sucks.
I’ve spoken to my mum and the big one. I’ve heard the little one babbling in the background and my goodness how I miss those little hands clinging on to my legs! I’m longing to be unable to walk across the kitchen without adopting a silly walk designed to keep the baby upright. I miss his snotty kisses and his scratchy nails. I miss the big one’s full body hugs and temporary sulks. I miss them!

I want them back!


6 responses to “I want my kids back!

  • notanottinghillmum

    I feel for you – especially as I have a tendency to do that with my bath – at least once a week. And I also ship my two off to Grandma for a few days most holidays and have done since they were tiny – but then as I was working I had little choice. My advice is spend one hour a day doing stuff for the children – making their room nice, buying them something cute in the sale, pinning their art up round the room, getting some photos blown up for them or whatever it is. Talk to them on the phone am and pm but if they are like mine they will not be especially interested in this so be warned. Then spend the rest of the time on you and your adult relationships! You have two young children – you need a rest and when you have had a break and seen some mates and gone to the shops without dragging them round or gone swimming or done some writing you will feel better and when you see them again so will you. Enjoy!!!!

  • Honest Mum

    I know how you feel. I was stranded in London away from my little man for 5 days as couldn’t get back to Yorkshire and it was so hard! You appreciate them so much more when you’re reunited and then you’ll wish for that bath alone again! x

  • rachel pattisson

    Aww! I would totally miss my two ‘attachments’ too. I mean, is it even possible to cook a proper meal without being tripped up?! And what do people without children *do* all day, when they’ve achieved everything on their To Do list and have some spare time. It’d be too weird 🙂

  • Clayton Thomas

    Sounds like you have the “mommy blues.” Happens to the best of you.

    All the best,

    twitter: @claylauren2001

  • singlemamatalesitall

    Hi found your blog from Bloggy Moms, now I’m subscribed.. and I’m I glad I did. I can relate too. When my kids at home I choke em..but when they gone I miss the heck out of them. When you get a chance check out my other blog http://candiestaken.blogspot.com. I’m looking forward to more of your post.

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