Reasons to be cheerful on Boxing Day

The Boxing Day slump. Humph. We opened our presents, we sang our carols, we pranced around in new slippers before showering with new shower creme and dousing ourselves in new perfume. We played new games, we opened the special chocolates. We dined with the best plates and glasses and we snacked on turkey sandwiches even though or belts were bursting. We put sleepy children to bed with new pajamas and we kissed their tired heads goodnight. Then we watched the disappointing Royle Family and retired to bed, happy, full and exhausted. And then Boxing Day beckons and we find ourselves thinking ‘What now?’
The Boxing Day slump can be fatal to festive celebrations, if you let it. The kids are deflated with the lack of presents to open (‘why can’t we have presents EVERY day?) and the extra glass of champagne quaffed last night now seems like such a silly idea. And why didn’t we wash up the supper plates last night so that a) there are no reminders of having eaten the unnecessary meal and b) the house is nice and tidy and not ever-so-slightly depressing…
But, wait! There is no need for the Boxing Day slump! There are many reasons to be cheerful and I can tell you three right now:

1. We have new things.
Lovely, soft, cuddly dressing gown, oh! How I surely love thee!
You keep me warm when the baby awakes and you cover my HUGE belly!

2. We can take a nap later.
The festivities are over; the baby needs to sleep
And nobody will notice if into the bed I creep!

3. There’s loads of champagne left and nobody has to go to work.
We said we would never drink again
we said we’d had enough.
But soon the champers will be winking at us-
pass the corkscrew then!

I will be posting more reasons to be cheerful throughout the day. I apologise for the bad poetry but I challenge you to do the same! This is the first time I have added a linky but I hope that lots can join in! Add your details and let others know. I want to know why we should be cheerful today!!!

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4 responses to “Reasons to be cheerful on Boxing Day

  • Alexander Residence

    It’s my favourite day! No pressure, time to actually watch tv, no queens speech, time to play and best of all all the food just goes in the microwave!

  • regardsrainbow

    Made a super hot turkey curry – which we hope to kill all the left over flu germs! Friends and family all come and go….. now by holiday Tuesday we’re just all snuggled on our own in front of Willy Wonka!

  • Michelle Twin Mum

    OMG, only just seen this. Hope you don’t think I nabbed your idea and nicked it! I really have been posting my own gratitude reasons for at least 2 years! lol

    The name for my new blog hop came from a friend of mine, who took my Grace in small thigns and as she was not a Christian called it Reasons to be Cheerful on her blog!

    Mich x

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