Reasons to be Cheerful on Boxing Day part two!

4. You don’t have to eat Christmas dinner.
Most of the year, I don’t eat roast dinners because they don’t really appeal to my appetite. Honestly, I really like eating dinner on the hop, squeezing in a crumpet when the kids are in bed… On my birthday, we went out for a family dinner. We got there at 5.30 pm and left at 6.10 pm, bill paid and everything. P even ate his dinner stood up, jiggling the baby in his arms at the same time. That’s how I like eating meals, honestly. A leisurely Christmas dinner is no good for my waistline.

5. You don’t have to spend ALL day in each other’s pockets.
On Boxing Day it’s ok to nip out for a bit because nobody expects you to spend the whole day with them anymore. We did that YESTERDAY, thank you. It was lovely, thank you. But today is even better because we can take a break from you, thank you.

6. You can spend some quality time with the kids.
Christmas day is SO exciting that the morning is usually spent frantically unrapping presents/ untwisting plastic ties on toys/ clearing away wrapping paper/ trying to remember what is inside each obscurely wrapped parcel incase they’re opened in the wrong order; the afternoon is spent cooking and eating; the evening is spent eating and eating… On Boxing Day, you can can actually sit down with the kids and look at all the new stuff they have. This morning we have played a practical joke with a cockroach, made a sequin art poster, travelled around the town in the living room on fire engines and police cars and shaken our booties to Just Dance 2. Great fun!

That’s it for the moment. My last post has a linky for you to add your posts about Boxing Day. Click the link to add your own!


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