Reasons to be Cheerful on Boxing Day final part

Our family always hold a special party on Boxing Day. It goes right back to before I was born as my grandparents were married on Boxing Day and the family always celebrated each year with a huge family party. Over the years, it became the only day of the year that the family got together and the last few were held at the social hall at my grandparent’s residential flats. We even celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary with a christmas card from the Queen. My grandad died shortly after and the parties were never really the same again.
These days, my nanna is no longer with us either and my mum takes turns to host the party with her sisters and brother. As kids, we used to dread THE PARTY because it meant abandoning our toys for the day and socialising with members of the family we don’t really see much or have much in common with. These days, with my own family, I understand the importance of it all.
Tonight I have played charades with my uncle who is suffering severe reactions to the interaction of drugs he takes for arthritis and drugs he takes following cancer treatment; my cousin who presents sports news for Inter Milan; my cousin who has married a beautiful Thai girl who speaks very little English; my creepy uncle who once- yuk!- kissed me on the lips by way of saying merry christmas; my kids who spent the whole time rolling on the floor, laughing…
In other words, a whole bunch of different people, all thrown together because it is Boxing Day. So I guess that the main reason to be cheerful today is the fact that, for me, Boxing Day brings my family together. AND we get another excuse to eat loads of food and drink loads of wine!


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