HIS drawer

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My son loves kitchen appliances. We once found him inside the dishwasher. Don’t worry, it was empty and the door was open and he was only inside for a few seconds!!! I found him trying to climb inside the washing machine but he couldn’t quite get his leg up high enough… So he loves kitchens. We got him a play kitchen for his birthday and I must say- it is VERY popular. But it isn’t as popular as the real thing. So, since I spend a good proprtion of time in the kitchen cooking, washing up, making packed lunches, sterilising bottles, eating meals, dancing with E, cutting and sticking, marking books… you get the idea. Since the kitchen is such a central place for us as a family we decided we would let L have free run. Apart from the oven, that is. So when we empty the dishwasher, one person distracts/ restrains him whilst the dangerous items are removed and then he “helps”. By far his favourite chore is to empty HIS DRAWER. His drawer is indeed filled with his things- old bottles and teats, plastic bowls and cups, bibs, muslin squares, even an old (CLEAN!!!!) breast pump attachment. Everything we have ever used that is plastic goes into that drawer and he just loves to take it all out and put it back again. So, in the nature of free and imaginative play, I guess we have responded to his needs and wants and YES we let him climb inside the drawer too. He is happy. That is play. Maybe he will also learn to tidy up after himself… who knows!!

This is HIS drawer and this is HIS fun


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3 responses to “HIS drawer

  • Honest Mum

    This is so sweet and such a great idea. My little man who is nearly 1 also loves taking things out of drawers, bowls, baskets etc and putting them back. He especially loves throwing clothes on the floor. He’s practising for when he turns 14-takes after his father, I’m still picking things up after him!

  • theonlylooninthevillage

    Such a lovely story, i love the way you gave L his own drawer i ban my LO from the kitchen but am coming round to thinking maybe if i appraoched it like u it wudnt be so bad!

    • ghostwritermummy

      Ha ha hello!!!! Yes, give H his own drawer/ space in the kitchen and he will soon forget the dangerous stuff. We had no choice really as we spend so much time in there, its the heart of the home really and we’ve always had loads of toys in there- actually there are toys in all the rooms! I love having toys everywhere!

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