Love (the great big biscuit of)

I’ve never done a gallery post before. The theme is love, so here goes. Here is my photo.

It needs to be big because its a big biscuit of love. The biscuit of love was made by my daughter today and presented to me because I’m the best mummy in the world- all her own words and not at all prompted by me. We were at the last baby group gathering of the year so that L could ignore all of his friends and E could scamper about decorating biscuits and singing carols whilst jingling jingle bells and licking icing off her fingers. The room was filled with almost all of the ladies who have made this year so special for me- my new mummy friends. Without those ladies, I doubt I would be the person I am now. Without my children, I know I would not be the person I am now. So, here is the recipe for my great big biscuit of love:

1 cup of hot-headed temper

1 cup of excellent sense of humour

1 cup of mummy why is my room messy?

1 cup of mummy why can’t I eat chocolate for breakfast?

1 cup of I want to get up three times a night to say hello

1 cup of sleepy-headed cuddles

2 cups of the cutest smiles

1000000 cups of eternal LOVE


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